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There are many different types of Minecraft mods. These modifications add features and content to the game. You may have heard of Not Enough Items, BiblioCraft, Biomes O’ Plenty, and Astral Sorcery. However, there are many more that you may not be aware of. These modifications are designed to enhance your gaming experience and make it even more enjoyable.

Not Enough Items

The Not Enough Items in Minecraft mod adds a handy inventory editor to the game. This makes it easier to quickly spawn items, blocks, and mobs. With this mod, you can build huge structures and quickly spawn large numbers of items. Once installed, you’ll need to open the Mods folder in your Minecraft game to access NotEnoughItems.

This mod gives you access to all the recipes for crafting items. It also has a helpful search feature. It also lets you change the time and climate to customize your gaming experience. You can also make customized potions and place enchantments on your weapons. You’ll never run out of items again.

The NotEnoughItems mod allows players to search for items and their recipes, including the ones found in the base game and mods. You can click on any item to view its recipe and take it to your inventory. It also has a list of all the other mods you’ve installed.

Before you can install the Not Enough Items mod, you must first install the Forge mod. If you’re using Windows, open the Run command and type %appdata%.minecraft. Alternatively, open Finder on your Mac and find the folder containing your game’s Minecraft. In the Mods folder, locate the Not Enough Items jar and drag it into it.

NEI also allows you to customize your inventory settings. The “NEI” options menu can be found on the bottom left of the game’s settings menu. There, you can customize various settings and save and load your inventory while in cheat mode. You can also use NEI options to switch your game into a more creative mode.


The BiblioCraft mod adds a variety of decorative storage blocks. Some of these include sword pedestals and tool racks. Others, like the book shelves, let you place other items on them. And you can display items from other mods, too! This mod makes boring past jobs easier!

If you’re looking for a way to make your Minecraft world more beautiful, the BiblioCraft mod is definitely worth a try. It makes organizing your inventory a much simpler task. It also adds a large number of useful and attractive items to the game.

The BiblioCraft mod uses the Minecraft modding API. It requires Minecraft Forge to install, and the installation process is fairly standard. Simply download the version of the mod that you want to use and place it in your mods folder. Once there, you’ll need to install any additional plug-ins that are required by the mod.

This mod adds more than 40 distinct biomes and sub-biomes, as well as tons of new items and plants to your inventory. It also adds anti-aliasing to the game and improves performance. It has the potential to double the frame rate of your game.

While you can install many different mods, some are better than others. BiblioCraft is one of the most popular and versatile mods available. It has many features that fans of the game may find useful. In addition to adding books and other useful items, it also makes the game more social and fun. A variety of other mods are also available to enhance the game.

Astral Sorcery

If you want to master Astral Sorcery, you need to know a few things before beginning. First, you must craft the Astral Tome. This item is vital for the game as it serves as a guide and unlocks several features. It will help you make various crafting items.

After you’ve crafted the Tome, you can begin to upgrade the various tools and structures you need to advance. These tools will be found in the Astral Tome. You can then use them to build and upgrade different items, including weapons and armor. You can also upgrade the materials on your crafting table and make stronger items. You can also access the final chapter of the Astral Tome, called Radiance.

There are many ways to craft the materials necessary for Astral Sorcery, and a few of them can be obtained from the water. The Faint Amaranth flower will give off dim light, which you can harvest to make glowstone dust, a vital crafting material. In addition, you can use two new types of ore to craft new items. One of these, called Deep Level Ore, is found in the deep levels close to Bedrock. These ores can be broken using a Diamond pickaxe, and will drop rock crystals.

Astral Sorcery is a fun magical mod for Minecraft that uses the power of constellations and starlight to strengthen your character. It also features a journal and requires Forge.

Biomes O’ Plenty

If you have not yet installed Biomes O’ Plenty, you should first install the game. You will need a Forge server. This is a server that allows you to edit the config files. You will need to enable Biomes O’ Plenty in the server’s settings.

This mod adds dozens of new biomes to Minecraft. It is made by the developers Forstride and TheAdubbz. It is a complex mod and requires a high-end computer. However, it should not cause lag. This mod requires the Forge Installer, which is available for all versions of Minecraft.

Biomes O’ Plenty allows players to build and explore 80 different biomes. Some of the new biomes are based on the American Southwest, while others have mysterious properties. Players will appreciate discovering them. Many of the biomes are new to the game and may not even be found in vanilla Minecraft.

Biomes O’ Plenty is a generation mod that adds many new biomes to the game. To see a full list of all the different biomes, visit the Biomes O’ Plenty wiki. You can choose from the following generation modes while creating your world: Small biomes, Large biomes, Realistic biomes, and Bright biomes.

The Biomes O’ Plenty mod adds more trees, gems, and armor to Minecraft. In addition to that, it gives players new ways to make items. For example, you can make coal from volcano ash using a workbench. Another great feature of the Biomes O’ Plenty mod is that it’s free.

Biomes O’ Plenty is a very popular mod amongst players. It adds more than 24 biomes to Minecraft, and introduces six new mobs. In addition to the biomes, it adds new equipment, mechanics, and food. You’ll be able to make unique items with the different biomes.

SevTech Ages

If you are looking for a new mod for Minecraft, you should consider installing the SevTech Ages mod. It is a mod pack that is available for 1.12.2. The developers of the mod pack are darkosto and firstnecron. The pack contains over 250 mods, many of which focus on rebuilding progression. It also removes some tools and blocks in order to introduce more elements to the gameplay. While the mod is currently in beta testing, it is expected to receive future updates.

To install the SevTech Ages mod for Minecraft, you need a computer with at least 16 GB of RAM. You should install the game using a version of the CurseForge Launcher, which is available for both Mac and Windows. Once installed, you should open the modpack and login to your account. You should be able to see the list of all the mods in the modpack.

The SevTech Ages modpack consists of over 250 different mods that are available in Minecraft. This mod pack has new elements and features that will make the game more interesting and challenging. The game mechanics will be altered and you’ll have to work long and hard to advance. In addition, this modpack includes new recipes and mobs that can help you progress through the game. It is a great modpack for any player who enjoys exploration and long-term progression.

To get started in the SevTech Ages mod, you’ll first need to create your own planet and choose an era for the game. Ideally, you’ll start in the Stone Age and explore the environment. Once you’ve done this, you can make tools and collect valuable minerals that can help you in your quest for immortality.


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