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A desktop email client is an application that allows you to check and compose emails. There are many types of desktop email clients available. These applications include Microsoft’s Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Mail. Each provides unique features and benefits. When choosing a desktop email client, it’s important to consider how you use it. Some features will make your email experience more pleasant, while others will make your life easier.


Hiri is a desktop email client that focuses on business users. Its features include the ability to manage e-mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks. The program was developed as an alternative to Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. It is a free download for Windows PCs.

Hiri is compatible with Active Directory, allowing it to access a company’s Global Address List. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and supports multiple user accounts. It also offers offline mode and drafts. The application can be downloaded from the Hiri website. After you download Hiri, you can install it on any device and sign in using the same email address.

Many offices and organizations use Linux, and so they need a customizable and interactive email client. Hiri has many features and continues to add new features. Hiri is compatible with PCs, Macs, and Linux. You can use it to manage all your email accounts and even sync calendars.

The Hiri desktop email client is designed to help users become more productive. Its smart productivity dashboard helps you track your productivity and resolve any issues that may arise. It also features a shared inbox for easy collaboration and a handy team chat feature. You can download a free trial of Hiri to give it a try.

Hiri is a modern, flexible email client that syncs with Exchange and Office 365. It has a clean user interface and modern dashboard. It supports Exchange/Office 365 accounts and is compatible with Exchange 2010. It syncs with the Microsoft Exchange Web Services API and includes an action filter and FYI filter. Hiri can be installed on Ubuntu 20 with a Snap or through the Ubuntu Software Center, although this is not recommended.

Microsoft’s Entourage

Microsoft’s Entourage desktop email client lets you send and receive messages in different formats. It’s easy to set the default format for a single message, or customize your messages based on the content. You can even customize the appearance of your messages by adjusting the fonts and colors.

The first step in setting up Entourage is to connect it to a Microsoft Exchange Server. In order to do this, enter your full email address and password. Then, go to the ‘Exchange Setup’ tab in Mail Central and click OK. This will synchronize your Inbox with your Exchange Mailbox.

The next step is to import your Office 365 data into Entourage. To do this, navigate to the File menu and click on Import. Then, select Messages or Contacts from the MBOX file. Click Open to begin the process of importing data from your Office 365 account. Once the import process is complete, click Done to see your newly imported data.

After you’ve backed up your Entourage mailbox, you can easily restore the data. To do this, you can use an external drive or drag the file from Entourage to your Windows PC. Alternatively, you can use a free program to export your Entourage data to an MBOX file.

Microsoft Entourage has many features to help you manage your email. It can handle emails, calendars, notes, tasks, and contacts. The only limitation is that Entourage does not support complex HTML. This can make it difficult to read airline confirmations, for example.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a cross-platform desktop email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is free and open-source and comes installed by default on Ubuntu desktop systems. It is now undergoing major changes. These changes include a redesigned visual design, improved error handling, and increased performance. In addition, Mozilla is cutting off support for legacy add-ons.

Thunderbird’s support is web-based, and it features a Knowledge Base with lots of articles. There is also a forum where users can ask questions and search for issues. You can also find help from the MozillaZine community, which hosts a library of articles and a forum.

Mozilla Thunderbird offers numerous features for managing email accounts. It also includes HTML support, which allows you to change text fonts, embed pictures, and other media. If you have a business or need a personal email account, Thunderbird has several advanced features that can make your life easier. If you have an account with another email provider, Thunderbird also has integration options for sending and receiving emails.

Another feature that sets Thunderbird apart from Outlook is its wide compatibility with multiple operating systems. For example, you can use it with Linux, Windows, and Mac, which is not possible with Outlook. Thunderbird also provides advanced security options, and you can use it for multiple email accounts at the same time.

Thunderbird does not include a calendar by default, but the Lightning calendar add-on is a free download that adds a full-featured calendar. It synchronizes with your Google, Exchange, or other calendars. And you can customize Thunderbird further by downloading extensions.

Mozilla Mail

The Mozilla Mail desktop email client is an open-source application that enables you to create, edit, and send email. The email client also includes tools for real-time message filtering and organization, including tag and contact organization. It also supports sending large files to cloud storage services. Other features include the ability to check your email in multiple tabs, schedule events, and manage your address book.

It supports smart search, smart folders, and multiple email providers. The program is available in many languages and comes with a variety of help articles. It can also interface with other web-based email services. This makes Mozilla Mail a multi-faceted email client that is ideal for a variety of purposes.

The new version of Mozilla Mail is compatible with both iOS and Android. It also incorporates improvements to Oauth2, a key feature of desktop email clients. Users who have several email accounts may also be happy to hear that their Thunderbird account will work with the new version. K-9 Mail is similar to the Thunderbird desktop email app in terms of look and feel, and will work on the same platforms as Thunderbird.

Mozilla changed its development process to support Extended Support Releases (ESRs), which are maintenance and security updates. This means that the email client is more secure than before. This also means that developers can work on new features, which helps keep the system up to date. Mozilla also offers a number of extensions for the client, which allow users to customize the interface even further.

Microsoft’s Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook desktop email client will get a new look and a whole lot of new features. It will integrate with Loop, Microsoft’s system for collaborating across Office programs, and will have a brand new way to attach files. Simply type the “@” symbol, followed by the file name, and you’ll be presented with a list of compatible files.

Outlook is easy to use, and it allows you to manage multiple email accounts from a single interface. Its user interface is intuitive and has a wizard that guides you through the configuration process. It intelligently organizes your mailbox browsing area, offering single-click access to all mail folders and RSS feeds. You can also customize your alerts and rules for managing your emails.

Outlook has been one of the most popular email clients for Windows since the ’90s. While it’s an advanced platform, it’s surprisingly easy to use. It’s also included in Microsoft 365, a suite of several dozen productivity apps. If you’re an Outlook user, you should consider upgrading to the latest version.

If you’re looking for a replacement for Outlook, there are many options available. Spark offers a chat-like interface that makes it stand out. It also allows you to collaborate with your team, so you can create mail together. It has several other useful features, including pinning and snoozing emails. You can even customize your notifications to only show important messages.


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