Destiny 2 Guide – How to Beat the King’s Fall Raid

The King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2 has several different objectives and strategies. In this guide, we will cover the relics, the strategy to defeat Shade of Oryx, and how to defeat Golgoroth. This will help you beat the raid in the best way possible.

Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid guide

To complete the King’s Fall raid, you must complete all of the objectives in the raid and open the path to the boss fight. To begin, you will see a big door blocked by Taken energy. After clearing this energy, you will see a hallway filled with Thrall statues. During this encounter, you should collect Relics and place them on the Thrall statue.

This raid has a normal difficulty, and there are three secret treasure chests hidden throughout the raid. The locations of these chests are also outlined in the guide. Once you have obtained three of these chests, you’ll unlock an additional chest that will grant you the King’s Fall Exotic weapon, a scout rifle. This weapon is also a good primary weapon and can damage bosses.

There are two different ways to reach the chest. You can also try jumping up on the ledge above the door. The ledge contains a hidden Hive rune. You can use it to activate a Deepsight chest, which will then allow you to attack the first boss.

To complete the Totems section, you must split up into pairs. The first pair will stay in the hallway, while the other pair will rush to the portal. If they don’t have Exotics, they should consider getting them after the raid is over. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck trying to find the Relic.

Once Oryx summons Taken Blight bombs, you need to be able to avoid them. Bombs are not easy to avoid, but you can avoid them by running. You can see them when they’re approaching, but you must run fast to avoid them. Moreover, you’ll see a slight shimmer ahead of them to mark the radius. Bombs won’t stop dropping for a few seconds, so you have to run as fast as you can.

Strategy for defeating Shade of Oryx

If you’re unable to defeat Shade of Oryx during the King’a Fall raid, here’s a strategy you can try. The main goal of this fight is to clear his pressure plate, and you’ll be able to protect your team from damage by using the Well of Radiance.

If you’re unsure what gear you should bring, start by ensuring you have plenty of heavy weapons. Especially in this instance, rocket launchers and Divinity are excellent heavy weapons. The Trinity Ghoul is excellent for clearing enemies.

After killing Oryx, you will find an extra treasure chest. The chest will contain the Deepsight Resonance weapon. Note that you can only obtain this weapon once per week or per account. If you want to try and earn two guaranteed Deepsight guns, you should complete the raid at least once before moving on to another raid.

The first encounter with the Shade of Oryx occurs outside the arena, so your team must move quickly. The next stage in this fight involves killing Taken Knights. You’ll need to kill them quickly and stay off of the pressure plates. Once you’ve killed all of the Taken Knights, Oryx will move around the outside of the arena and eventually stop at a pressure plate. When this happens, the platform you were on will turn green, and you’ll be able to get to the next pressure plate.

This strategy is effective for all three Runes, but you should leave one on at all times. This will make it easier for your team to focus on the boss. A good place for a Rune Flame is on the top of a door that you can shoot from below. This will allow you to reach the orb easily.

One of the most important strategies for this boss is to keep a team of four players to deal damage to Golgoroth. A team of four players needs to use Golgoroth’s Gaze to deal massive damage to the boss. You can only do this if the entire team stands in the bubble for twenty seconds.

Relics in the raid

The Relics in the King’s Fall dungeon are lootable artifacts that are scattered throughout the area. The room where you spawn has two wings facing statues and enemies. You’ll need to split into two teams to collect all the relics in each wing. Each relic starts a timer, so it’s important to pick them up and dunk them into the statue before the timer expires.

You’ll need to get at least one of these relics to advance through the King’s Fall raid. This can be a challenge, so it’s important to work with your group to complete this quest. There are several objectives that will help you finish the quest faster. First, you must clear the Taken energy that’s blocking the big door. Once this is cleared, you’ll be able to enter the hallway that contains Thrall statues.

After the main room is cleared, you can move on to the next area and begin collecting the relics. To do this, you need to place twelve relics in all six statues. Once you’ve placed twelve relics, a portal will appear that will allow you to progress to the next area.

Once you’ve completed the first part of the King’s Fall raid, you can begin the second half. You’ll find six statues in a large room that leads to a portal. In the center, you can find two statues where you need to insert two relics at a time. Then, your two Guardians will have to grab the two relics in front of them.

To get a relic, you need to have a relic catalyst equipped. A touch of malice catalyst will trigger the relic spawning process. There are four relics in the opening area. Two of these are from the previous encounter.

Once you have obtained the first four relics, the next step is to get the final one, the Warpriest. This boss is the boss of the King’s Fall raid. He is a gigantic Boomer Knight. The Warpriest is at the back of the room, on a platform. It is surrounded by three monoliths.

Defeating Golgoroth

Defeating Golgoroth in the King’s Fall raid is an important step for beating the boss in this area. You need to be extremely careful when defending yourself against him. He has a tendency to stay close to you, so make sure to keep your distance. If you are unable to do so, you can always use taunters to damage his back and swap aggro. It also helps to use the ceiling orbs, which will open a damage area. You can then target the boss and kill him for Raid Armour and Moldering Shards.

Defeating Golgoroth in the King’s Fall raid is easier than you might think. Just use the same loadout that you used to kill the last boss. Ideally, you should have a linear fusion rifle and Ward of Dawn Supers. Then, split your team into groups of two and four. Each group should be assigned one person to draw Golgoroth’s gaze, while the other players will need to focus on damage dealing.

There are two helpful characters in this raid: Titan Defender and Hunter Nightstalker. Void bows are helpful from distance. A self-rez warlock can also be very useful. The starting process is fairly simple, so it’s best to have at least two self-rez warlocks. There are six statues to collect. You need to insert two of them, as shown in the image below. You’ll be required to sacrifice several relics as well.

Defeating Golgoroth is an important step in completing the King’s Fall raid. Defeating him will give you a chance to get class armour and Moldering Shards. Aside from that, you will be rewarded with a chest containing only class armour.


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