Does YouTube TV Have Lifetime Access to Its Channel Lineup?

YouTube TV, the new television streaming service from Google, promises lifetime access to its channel lineup. And it also offers Hulu and Live TV. But is it worth the price?

Amazon Prime Video

If you are looking to add a new TV subscription to your household, you may want to look into Amazon Prime Video. The company’s streaming service has a wide selection of shows, movies, and original series. There are also third-party channels to choose from.

Amazon offers a free trial of its service, which allows you to sign up for a subscription and see for yourself. You can use it on all compatible devices including smart TVs, mobile devices, and computers. In addition, there is a 30-day free trial for students.

There is no ad-free version of Amazon Prime Video, but there are several options available for users. For instance, you can download media to watch offline. Plus, you can get the X-Ray feature, which allows you to view what actors have appeared in.

As far as price goes, Amazon Prime Video is much cheaper than most other streaming services. You can also save up to 50% with a yearly subscription. However, it is not as ad-free as other subscription options.

While the number of channels on Amazon Prime Video might be small, the company’s original programming is on par with its competitors. Its most popular shows include The Boys, The Man in the High Castle, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Another option is to subscribe to STARZ, a premium channel. This ad-free experience includes some of the best series in the country. Depending on your location, you might even qualify for a free trial.

Finally, Amazon has its own original series, which is called Amazon Originals. These include the acclaimed comedy-drama, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the romantic anthology series, Modern Love. They are both on the list of top TV series.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is a live TV streaming service available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It includes more than 40 channels, as well as on-demand programming. It also offers a free seven-day trial, allowing users to test out all of its features.

The Frndly TV app is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Users can watch on two devices at the same time, and they can save on-demand shows to a list. However, there are a few shortcomings to the app, including limited parental controls, a lack of 4K resolution, and a lack of offline downloads.

Streaming services like Frndly TV allow users to watch content in high definition. The Premium plan for four devices costs $11 a month, and Frndly TV will add nine months of cloud DVR storage to the package. With the Classic plan for two devices, users can also watch in high definition, but recordings will last for three months.

Although Frndly TV is a great deal, it has a number of limitations. For example, the company does not carry sports or live local channels. Rather, its channel list is made up of uplifting, family-friendly, and knowledge-based programs. This may be too narrow a focus for many customers.

In order to access all of the content on Frndly TV, users must have high-speed internet. A good speed for SD streaming is 1.5 Mbps, and it recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps for HD. You can also purchase a streaming antenna to supplement Frndly TV with local channels.

Frndly TV has a lot of features, but its channel selection is lacking. While the service does include three Hallmark Channels, it does not carry the most popular cable channels. Similarly, it does not include programming from ESPN, FOX, or Discovery.

Sling TV

Sling TV and YouTube TV are both internet television services that offer a compelling blend of cable-only programming and on-demand content. They both feature a solid channel lineup and good DVR options. However, there are also some differences. The first is the price. Sling TV is priced at a little more than half of what you’ll pay for a comparable cable subscription.

In addition, Sling offers a few more add-ons than YouTube TV. For example, it offers an on-demand movie service that costs $3-$6 per movie. It also offers older shows on demand.

Both services are compatible with Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. While they don’t offer as many channels, they support the latest smart TVs.

YouTube TV offers a Cloud DVR. That means you can record up to 50 hours of TV shows and movies. You can store the recordings for nine months or delete them at any time.

Another great feature of Sling TV is its channel guide. You can browse channels based on categories such as movies and entertainment. Or you can filter by your favorites.

On the other hand, Sling’s interface is simple and fun to use. It allows you to quickly change channel options and view recommendations.

As far as parental controls go, Sling’s aren’t as robust as YouTube’s. But it does have the same functions as the YouTube TV “Cloud DVR.” One thing to consider is that Sling’s channels are only available to subscribers who purchase the Sports Extra add-on.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the Sports Extra package. It’s packed with on-demand content and features such as the NBA Playoffs, beIN Sports and MLB Network Strike Zone. Also, ESPN’s Buzzer Beater is available in the app.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a combination of on-demand content and live TV. It is one of the leading streaming services in the market today. In addition to its on-demand library, it offers live programming from a number of networks.

The service is available on all major devices. It has a wide selection of channels, including sports networks, cable news channels, and local channels. There are also many free and premium channels.

Hulu’s dashboard shows the base plan, as well as add-ons and technical information. For the base plan, users have access to about 85 live TV channels. On top of that, they can stream shows to two other devices at the same time. However, they have to sign up for a monthly subscription. They can also download certain programs for offline viewing.

Hulu has a great app that is easy to navigate. You can customize your account and set up your favorites. Additionally, you can personalize your home screen to include favorite networks.

Hulu + Live TV also offers a cloud DVR feature. This allows users to record TV shows or movies, and skip commercials. When you record, you can store the episodes for up to 9 months.

In addition to the 75+ live TV channels offered, Hulu also offers ESPN+ and Disney+. Subscribers can also watch the NFL Network, the Golf Channel, and the NHL Network.

Although the list of channels isn’t as extensive as other popular streaming services, Hulu Live is one of the best. It also costs much less than its competitors.

For the $9.99 per month price, Hulu + Live TV has a lot of options. Users can choose from a basic package or an unlimited one.

YouTube TV’s channel lineup

YouTube TV offers a wide variety of content. In fact, it includes more channels than Sling TV, a rival streaming service. However, the service also lacks some of the most popular networks.

The company is known for its user-generated video content, but it has recently entered the live TV streaming business. YouTube executives say that the service will be available in the next few months. At launch, the service will cost $35 per month with no contract.

The service features a host of local channels, as well as cable channels owned by the major broadcast and cable networks. It also offers custom channel guides. Users can save content to watch later. But the best part is that YouTube TV supports Chromecast. This means that you can stream on your TV or laptop.

YouTube TV also offers a paused history of your previous viewing habits. You can save up to nine months of recordings in the cloud.

Some of the more notable network offerings include ESPN+, TBS, and the Disney Channel. YouTube TV also offers a wide range of sports channels, including MLB, NFL, NBA, and NFL Network.

There are also several add-ons for extra costs. The Sports Add-on offers six sports-centric channels.

While the Hulu channel package includes seven Spanish-language channels, the YouTube bundle doesn’t. Similarly, there are no channels from the A&E or Viacom networks.

The YouTube TV channel lineup also doesn’t offer anything that’s truly new. The company has been focusing on signing deals with the big four broadcast and cable companies. Nevertheless, the service is an improvement over what was offered before.

One of the biggest challenges with the service is that it doesn’t offer the same geographic reach that other streaming services do. You can only access the service in areas where the media companies have their own local broadcast affiliate.


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