How to Block Calls But Not Texts on Your iPhone

If you are wondering how to block calls but not texts on your iPhone, there are a few things you can do. You can use iBlacklist, Reminder settings, or the Filtering Messages app to separate out known senders from spammers. Additionally, you can use Apple’s native number blocking feature.=


If you’re tired of unwanted calls, you can now block calls but not texts using the iBlacklist application, available in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. This application allows you to blacklist numbers and also removes the visual and sound effects associated with these calls. You can download this app for free or upgrade to get unlimited blacklists.

Before you can install iBlacklist, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Once you’re jailbroken, you can download the app from the Cydia app store. The iBlacklist manual provides detailed instructions and photos for each feature.

Once the app is downloaded, you must connect your iPhone to a power source. Next, navigate to the Blacklists tab. Here, you can add or remove numbers. You can add a number manually or choose from your contacts. You can also set your auto-rep message settings.

You can also jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia applications that block calls and texts. iBlacklist is a popular jailbreak app that works with all iOS devices and jailbroken iPhones. It costs $12 and adds many useful features to your iPhone. The developer is currently working on an update for this application, which will provide many improvements to the default iPhone calling app and number blocking.

You can also choose which numbers you want to block. AT&T customers can block up to 30 numbers. Verizon customers can block up to five numbers. Using third-party apps will also give you more customization and other options such as spam databases and location-based blocking. Once you’ve set up the settings, you can then choose to block the phone numbers again or reactivate the ability to receive texts.

Reminder settings

There are several ways to block calls on your iPhone. You can put your phone in DND mode, enable call forwarding, or use a silent ringtone to reject calls. You can also use aluminum foil reject or set up auto-reject mode to block calls.

You can also set a custom notification sound. If you want to block a specific caller, go to the Settings app and turn the setting on. Tap the switch on the left to select “Block this caller.” When you see the orange indicator, press the switch. Once this is on, your phone will go into silent mode. Text messages and voice calls will continue to be sent to your iPhone, but you will not receive them.

Filtering Messages app to separate known senders from potential spam

There are many ways to deal with spam messages, and one of them is by filtering messages on your phone. By using a Messages app that filters messages, you can block unknown senders and keep known senders out. Another option is to report spam messages. If you get a large number of spam messages, you can delete them and report the senders as spam.

To turn on message filtering, go to Settings and then to the Messages section. Tap the “Message Filtering” option. This will group incoming messages from unknown senders into a separate list. Once filtered, messages from these numbers will no longer trigger notifications, nor will they show up in the main tab of Messages. You should also avoid responding to spam messages, as doing so will give the spammers your number and flood your inbox with unwanted messages. In addition to this, you should avoid clicking on links in text messages.

Oftentimes, spam texts are accompanied by fake promises. They might say they’re from the bank or threaten to lock your account. They may also contain suspicious links, bad spelling, and promises of free stuff. Sometimes, spam texts may also contain false information and viruses. To avoid the risk, you should install a spam filtering app.

The AI-driven Key Messages app is one of the best apps for blocking SMS spam. It can automatically block messages from unknown senders, and you can even back up data to Google Drive. It also offers full-featured call and SMS blockers, so you won’t receive unwanted calls or messages.

If you do receive a spam message, you can report it to your carrier. To do this, you simply open the Messages app and select the conversation with the unwanted number. From there, you’ll see a new link below the message. Then, you can report that number as spam and it will be blocked from sending messages to other users.

Another option is using the Android SMS spam blocking app. This application will supplement the built-in Messages app on your phone. It will become the default SMS app. It lets you see all your past text messages and allows you to access your contacts. Though it doesn’t allow you to add GIFs and other types of attachments, it can identify spam based on keywords. It also allows you to create blacklist rules and other features that will block spam messages from certain senders.

Apple’s native number blocking feature

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the built-in call-blocking utility that comes with iOS. This feature lets you block calls, messages, and FaceTime requests from certain numbers. You can access the application through the contacts list or settings menu of your iPhone or iPad. You must have an AppleID to use this feature.

To start blocking calls, tap the iBlacklist icon in the Apps section of your device’s home screen. You can also block SMS, MMS, and FaceTime messages. Once you’ve selected the caller you want to block, choose whether you want to accept the call, send them to voicemail, or send them to your busy signal. Then, close the contact. Your phone will now save the changes. If you’d like to block a certain number, repeat this process.

To unblock a phone number that you’ve blocked, go to the Settings section and find the minus icon. If it’s blocked, tap on the minus icon to unblock it. If it still won’t stop calling you, try to block it using another phone.

You can also whitelist certain numbers in your iPhone or Android device. Just make sure that the phone number is in your contact list before whitelisting. To whitelist a number, simply slide the number to the left to remove its area code and prefix. You can also delete the number to block it from going to voicemail.

Another option for blocking unknown numbers is to block their messages. You can do this in the Contacts app as well. To block a specific contact, you can tap the contact’s name and then tap “Info” to view more options. You will then need to confirm the action.

Blocking an unrecognized number will not stop spammers from calling your phone. However, you should note that spammers don’t always use the same number. Often they will use spoofing techniques to trick you into answering their call.


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