How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Mario Kart 7

In Mario Kart 7, you can unlock mirror mode by winning every 150cc cup and getting a Golden glider. You will also need a Gold standard body and coins. But this is a bit harder than it seems. Read on for details. You need to have a lot of Coins in your account in order to unlock this mode.

Golden wheels

Unlocking the Golden Wheels in Mario Kart 7 is a fairly simple task. You need to beat every Cup with a 1 star ranking and collect 15,000 coins. This will also unlock mirror mode. The game also gives stars for 40 points, so it’s worth completing every cup.

While the Gold Wheels have the same stats as their Metal counterparts, they don’t actually make you faster. Basically, they just give you more power and are more appealing to look at. While they don’t really give you any advantage over the other characters in the game, they are a lot of fun to unlock.

The Gold Glider is a new addition in Mario Kart 7. It has decent stats, but it’s not the best kart to drive in the game. The weight and anti-gravity speed are decent. If you can master all the other cars in the game, you’ll be able to unlock Mirror Mode.

Unlocking the Gold Glider takes some time, but it’s possible to do it with the right amount of coins. You can play multiplayer to gain a greater number of coins. The more people you play with, the quicker you’ll unlock the Gold Glider. However, the Gold Wheels have a slightly slower speed, less weight, and slightly less grip than their normal counterparts. They’re a must for gold collectors.

Unlocking the Gold Standard requires you to finish every Cup with a star ranking. This mode is not very challenging, but you can get a few stars for that. You can also unlock the Gold Standard by getting a star ranking in every GP cup in Mirror Mode.

There are a few ways to unlock the Golden Wheels in Mario Kart 7. First, you need to earn at least a star in every cup to unlock Mirror Mode. Then you have to defeat staff ghosts in the time trials and earn 10,000 coins. Getting a golden wheel also unlocks the Gold Standard body, but you can get it through collecting coins as well.

Gold standard body

The Gold Standard body is a player-exclusive kart that adds a touch of gold to your car. This body type has several different advantages and disadvantages. It gives you a strong boost in ground speed but it also hinders your acceleration, traction, and anti-gravity handling. Its stats are similar to those of the Mach 8 and Circuit Special, but it has more hidden stats.

Once you’ve gotten the Gold Standard body, you can upgrade to the Gold Standard tires and gold tires. You can do this by beating the ghost staff in time trials or by collecting 10,000 coins. You’ll also need to earn a star rank in every cup in mirror mode to unlock this body type.

The Gold Standard Kart Body unlocks by completing all Grand Prix Cups with a 1-star ranking, but there are other ways to unlock it. The easiest way to get the Gold Standard body is to unlock a Gold Glider. You’ll need to complete 100 recent matches to unlock it. In addition, you need to get at least one Star rating in every engine class.

Once you unlock the Gold Standard body, you’ll be able to access Mirror Mode. To do so, you’ll need to unlock every Grand Prix in the Mirror Mode with a high star ranking. While this isn’t an easy way to unlock, it’s worth the effort.

Golden glider

Unlocking the Golden Glider requires you to earn a certain amount of coins. In order to get them, you must complete the Mirror Cups and 150cc Cups in the game. Additionally, you must beat the staff ghost’s time on every course in the game. Those who complete these tasks will receive the gold glider.

In order to unlock the Gold Glider, you need to collect at least 5,000 Coins. The higher the amount of Coins, the faster you will unlock the glider. To make the process even easier, you can also play in multiplayer mode. The more players you have on your team, the faster you will unlock the glider. You should also collect Gold Wheels to get better acceleration and grip. These vehicles are a must-have for gold collectors.

The Gold Standard is another unlocked kart in Mario Kart 7. This kart features a gold-painted body with no character insignia. Unlocking it requires a star ranking in every cup for each engine class and the Mirror Mode. However, it isn’t as challenging as the 200cc Cups.

Aside from unlocking the Golden Glider, there are several ways to get the gold Mario. The first way is to complete 200cc Grand Prix Cups. The second way is to earn Gold Trophies on the 200cc track. It is not difficult, but it takes a lot of practice.

Another way to unlock the Gold Mario is to unlock the Gold Kart. While it has similar stats to the Gold Standard, it does not go any faster. However, it is fun to unlock, and it looks really nice. You can also unlock other parts by collecting coins.


If you are looking for a way to unlock mirror mode in Mario Kart 7, you have come to the right place. There are a few tricks to unlock this mode, and they’ll all involve coins. To start, you’ll need to unlock all the 150cc Cups. When you do this, you’ll receive a turbo boost. This boost will allow you to move faster and earn a head start. You’ll also need to complete the grand prix, which will earn you some coins. You can also attend streetpass parties, where you can win prizes for playing.

Coins are needed to unlock different kart parts, and they can be earned by winning races. Coins are found on the tracks, and you can collect them to upgrade your kart. While it may seem like a lot of work, it’s well worth it. Coins can be used to purchase various parts, and you can collect as many as you like. However, you’ll have to collect a large number of coins to unlock these parts.


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