How to Unlock Nikto Operator in Modern Warfare

To unlock the Modern Warfare Nikto Operator, you need to have 2400 COD points. This unlockable weapon features cosmetic tracer rounds. This gun is an ideal choice for any modern warrior. Its high-performance laser sight is unbeatable in melee combat, and it’s also very versatile.


Mara is one of the new operators in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Like most other operators, Mara does not have any skills, but she can be unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass. This Battle Pass costs 1,000 CoD points and will unlock Mara. However, Nikto is not included in the Battle Pass and will not be available until later in the season.

While it is difficult to find Nikto in the game, you can still buy skins for him. There is also a special skin that lets you change his appearance to that of Mara. Nikto belongs to the Allegiance faction, while Mara belongs to the Coalition. In Modern Warfare, the two factions are Allegiance and Coalition.

Mara can also be unlocked by buying the battle pass for the first season. However, you will have to spend 1,000 COD points, which is about $10. Once you’ve got your Battle Pass, Mara’s skins will be available for purchase. The Kawaii Cat skin puts Mara in a military helmet with cat ears. It will also unlock a kitten charm for her. The Kawaii Cat skin will cost you 2,400 COD points.

If you’re a fan of the Modern Warfare series, you may be wondering when you can unlock Nikto for your character. While there is no official release date for the character, it’s expected to be released before the end of the season. Season one of the game ends on January 28th, so you can expect to unlock Nikto anytime between now and then. As for Mara, the game’s first season features Nikto and Mara.

The battle pass is essential for unlocking Mara and Nikto in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This battle pass contains 104 levels, of which 23 are free for everyone. However, the rest of the levels will cost you real money. It’s important to remember that Nikto is cosmetic, so buying a battle pass will allow you to unlock Mara as well.


There are several ways to unlock Nikto in Madden NFL 19. First, you can purchase Nikto’s skin. It is not available on the in-game store yet, but Activision plans to include Nikto in upcoming bundles. However, Activision has not specified exactly when these bundles will be released. The release date of Season 1 of Madden NFL 19 will probably be delayed a little.

Nikto is a mysterious mercenary in Modern Warfare. He is available in the Allegiance section of the Operator select screen, but is not included in the Modern Warfare store just yet. But, you can expect to see him at some point during the first season of the game.

Activision has not revealed the exact release date for Nikto yet, but we should expect it to be before the end of January. This way, you can start playing the game without the need to wait for a certain date or pay a certain amount of money. However, if you don’t want to wait until then, you can buy Nikto from the store. In addition, you can also purchase Operator skins and watches.

Nikto is the newest operator in Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has added Nikto to the game alongside Mara, though she’s not as easy to find as Mara. Once you find Nikto, hover over him and you’ll be asked to purchase him in the Call of Duty store.

If you want to unlock Nikto, you’ll first need to purchase Nikto’s Operator bundle, which costs 2400 CP. This will give you access to his hyena finish move. Nikto’s background is somewhat obscure. He used to be an FSB deep cover agent, but he was captured by “Mr. Z” after a series of torture. Later he joined the elite Russian special forces unit Spetnaz. Since then, he’s never taken off his mask, even when he’s in combat.

Dark Side Lucky Draw

To unlock Nikto, you must use the Dark Side Lucky Draw. The first draw will be free, and the second will cost 40 CP. The first draw will give you a free Epic Golden Greenhouse weapon. The second one will require you to kill 30 enemies with an assault rifle, optics, and 4 accessories.

The Lucky Draw is a game mode that will give you the chance to win new items. Some of these new items can be used in multiplayer and Battle Royale. The new items can help you customize your character. You can even unlock the theme that Nikto will be wearing in the new expansion.

Aside from the new Legendary Operator skin, you can get the Dark Nikto skin as well. This skin has many cool features such as the holographic watch, the first parachuting pose in Battle Royale, and the in-game character preview. It’s also one of the best-looking skins in COD: Mobile. Using the Lucky Draw to unlock Nikto is a great way to get this skin. However, it is important to note that getting the Legendary Operator skin is not guaranteed.

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