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Best Cases For iPhone 6s


You can get a lot of information from a user’s feedback by reading user reviews. A balanced review is always better than a scathing one, because users’ opinions matter! Buying a product that suits your needs can be a bit difficult, especially with so many options on the market. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices:

Apple’s Silicone Case

Apple’s silicone case is a stylish and slim protective case for the iPhone 6s. Designed by the same design team behind the iPhone, the case is made of finished European leather and is ultra-thin. With a microfibre lining inside, the case provides protection and is soft to the touch. It protects the phone from scratches and smudges, and is surprisingly light.

The Silicone Case for iPhone 6s is designed to look like it doesn’t even have a case. It adds style and class to the phone, while still feeling thin and comfortable. It features a cutout in the top-notch side for easy access to the Ring/Silent switch, and feels great in the hand. Apple also greatly expanded the color selection of silicone cases, with 11 available.

It also features a premium silicone layer that provides a good grip. This case also protects the phone from scratches and dust. The case also features precise cutouts for all the buttons and ports. Although some people find it a bit difficult to remove, the silicone case is the second-most difficult to remove. Its price range is around $15. It also has a more attractive design than the other two, though it’s not as durable as the iPhone 6s silicone case.

Grovemade’s walnut walnut case

You can protect your phone from scratches and dust with a Grovemade walnut case for iPhone 6s. These cases are made with 100 percent natural materials, and are crafted in a wood shop in Portland, Oregon. Other products from the company include desktop computer stands, keyboard trays, mouse pads, and desk accessories. They also make custom leather goods. Compared to plastic cases, they don’t offer as much protection. If you dropped your phone on a concrete surface, they wouldn’t be much good. Besides, the case would be ruined sooner than later.

You can purchase the case exclusively at Grovemade’s website, where you can also purchase the docking station for $149. These cases are crafted from vegetable tanned leather, and they can also double as a display stand for your phone. And they’re beautiful – you’ll receive compliments from friends and family when you use them. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, your new walnut case can add warmth to your electronic devices.

The company has spent five years refining their products and are now selling a walnut case for iPhones. The company is known for making beautiful products using high-quality materials, such as walnut and maple. The Maple and Leather iPhone Case, for example, costs $109, and isn’t designed to protect the phone from the elements, but it adds an air of class to your phone. If you’re looking for a new iPhone case, you might want to consider purchasing one of these.

Speck’s CandyShell Grip case

Speck’s CandyShell GRIP case for iPhone 6s is a dual-layer phone case. It has an impact-resisting hard Shell and shock-absorbent rubber interior. The case is slim and precision-engineered for a secure fit. The case is shock-resistant and meets military drop-test standards. The case is designed to protect the phone from drops of up to one meter.

Before choosing the right Speck CandyShell Grip case for iPhone 6 and deciding on the color, it is best to know the model and brand of your phone. Then, you should pay attention to the specs of the case. The more extensive the specs, the better the product will function. If you’re not sure about the case, read the reviews of previous users.

Speck’s Survivor All-Terrain case

Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6s case is designed to withstand the toughest life circumstances. Its rugged design meets or exceeds US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G standards and features four layers of protective armor, a foam-lined polycarbonate frame, shock-absorbing silicone, and textured grips. It also features a built-in screen protector and an optional belt clip.

Another tough iPhone 6s case is the Speck CandyShell Grip, which is as tough as leather. It is available in three sizes, ranging from small to large. For a low-cost option, consider the Spigen Reveal, which is primarily clear. The Survivor All-Terrain is a bit more expensive, but both cases offer good protection. Additionally, you can also purchase armbands and other iOS accessories.

If you’re a seasoned adventurer, Speck’s Mighty Shell case will do the trick. This case is made of three layers and has a rubberized perimeter bumper to prevent the phone from falling. It also has raised bezels for maximum screen protection, and Micro-textured backsides to improve grip. The MightyShell has a sneak peek trailer on YouTube.

Speck’s Nautical is another waterproof case for iPhones. It’s cheaper and doesn’t offer as much protection for deeper water, but it’s still an excellent all-around iPhone case. Despite the cost, this case isn’t impenetrable in water. While it’s not waterproof, it is water-resistant to 20 feet, and its shock-absorbing edges help protect the device from bumps. It’s also compatible with wireless chargers and is rated IP68.

Lifeproof FRE

It is essential to consider all factors before making a purchase, and Lifeproof FRE cases for iPhone 6s are no exception. The first consideration to make is where you plan to purchase the case. Whether you choose to buy it online or offline, it is best to conduct some research first to decide where to buy it. The most trustworthy places to buy a case are online stores with a high following. These shops tend to have a diverse selection and offer reliable products. When looking for a case, be sure to search different types so you’ll know which one best fits your needs.

A Lifeproof FRE case for iPhone 6s should also be functional. Before purchasing a case, ensure that it offers the features you need. Check online reviews for the product to see how satisfied other people are with it. You can also check pictures of the product and read about its pros and cons. After reading online reviews, you can decide which Lifeproof FRE case for iPhone 6s is best for you. And, don’t forget to compare prices, so that you can choose the best one.

The Lifeproof FRE case for iPhone 6s comes in multiple designs and price ranges. You can choose one based on the brand you’re more loyal to. While deciding on a Lifeproof FRE case for iPhone 6s, it is crucial to determine your budget and expectations first. Once you’ve determined how much money you’re willing to spend, you can then decide which case to buy. Remember that lifeproof FRE cases for iPhone 6s are expensive, but they’re worth it.

Incipio NGP

Incipio NGP iPhone 6/6s cases provide ultimate protection for your precious device. Made of a translucent Flex2O(tm) polymer, these cases are tear and stretch resistant, and offer a no-slip grip. Designed to look good and feel great, they can protect your iPhone 6 Plus from bumps and drops, while still being slim and light. Here are some of the benefits of these cases:

First, look for a quality brand. If you want your iPhone 6s to look stylish, you can’t go wrong with Incipio cases. Look for good warranties and functionality, and make sure to look at the brand’s website for its warranty. Read product reviews to find the best incipio iPhone 6s cases. The Incipio NGP iPhone 6s cases are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Read user reviews to find the best clear Incipio NGP iPhone 6s case. User reviews offer practical information that you cannot find in mainstream media. They can play a key role in your decision. They are often the most trustworthy. Whether you are shopping online or in person, user reviews can help you make a wise decision. The most reliable online stores will have a good reputation and a following.

How to Install Fonts on iPad


You can install fonts on iPad easily using a few free services. Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple’s official font website, and DaFont are some of the most popular options for iPad users. To get started, simply select the purple “install” button and choose a name for your font profile. To install fonts on iPad, you must have the passcode for your iPad. Follow the prompts on the next screen.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you are wondering how Adobe Creative Cloud installs fonts on iPad, here are the steps. First, open your Creative Cloud account and log in. Next, navigate to the Apps section. Select Installed Fonts and then tap the install button. Then, tap the Install button on each font you want to install. Once you’ve installed a font, you can view a sample of the font and even delete it if you don’t need it anymore.

The Adobe Creative Cloud service includes over 17,000 fonts, including many that are free. If you have an iPad with iOS 13.1 or later, you can install these fonts from your account. The fonts are cleared for both personal and commercial use. If you are looking to create great-looking graphics, you’ll be able to install the fonts you need quickly and easily. If you are an iPad pro, you should be able to use your fonts in any app, including apps.

Another way to install fonts on iPad is through third-party apps. Using the App Store, download fonts and install them on your iPad. Once installed, you can manage them from Settings > General. In Procreate, open your text in a text field, and tap Edit Style > Import Font. Then, browse to your font folder and tap Import Font. The fonts will now appear in Procreate.

Once you’ve installed fonts on iPad, you can use the Creative Cloud app to view and activate them. After activating them, they will automatically be downloaded to your computer and available in your iOS applications. You can also install fonts by using the Creative Cloud desktop application, which is available for PC and Mac. This will also allow you to use fonts that you have already installed on your iPad. You can also download fonts on your iPhone and iPad by going to the Fonts section in Creative Cloud.


DaFont is a free application for iPad that lets you install a font profile on your device. These fonts will appear in apps that support the profile. You can find your font profile under Settings>General>Profile. Unlike the installed fonts on your computer, they won’t appear in PowerPoint. To install a font profile, you must close other applications before you install it. Once the installation process is complete, you can use your new font.

The first step is to download the fonts you need. You can download system fonts from third-party apps or websites. Once you have downloaded the fonts, you can use iFont to install them on your iPad. You can choose between free and paid versions of the app. To download free fonts for iPad, visit the iFont website. The app will be available on your iPad’s home screen.

The app is very simple to install. To install a font, go to Settings > General> Fonts. There, you will see the list of fonts installed on your device. You can also see font samples. If you don’t want to install a font, you can remove it by tapping “Remove” and then choosing “Remove” to confirm the removal. A few more steps are necessary to install a font.

To install fonts on your iPad, you can download any of the three apps, Font Diner, AnyFont, and iFont. Installing fonts on your device is easy if you use provisioning profiles. Then, you can install your font on your iPad. Then, you can use these fonts on your iPad or iPhone. Once you have installed a font, you can use it in applications that require it.

Apple’s official font site

Installing custom fonts on your iPad is now possible thanks to new system-wide support for custom fonts from Apple. Instead of having to install a separate font file on each device, you can just go to the Settings app and add your custom fonts. If you’re unsure if this new feature works, check out Font Diner, a free font downloader for your iPad. You can download custom fonts through the app, or you can simply upload your own.

To install a font, visit the App Store. Then, tap “Fonts” and then tap “Add to iPad.” Once your font has been installed, you can browse the store to find others in the same style. Once you’ve found the one you want, tap the Installer icon and select “Install”. If you need to install multiple fonts, go to the font’s page and tap “Install”. Then, choose the font in the App Store, click the Installer button, and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re unsure whether a particular font will work with your iPad, you can use the iFont app to download it. Just open the “Download” tab in iFont and tap “Get” to download the font. Alternatively, you can visit a font download website in Safari. Once there, tap on the download link to open it in an app of your choice.

If you want to install a font on your iPad, you can use Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s great for iPad and iPhone font downloads, but you need to subscribe to the service. In June, Adobe announced its partnership with Apple and is releasing free fonts for iOS users. This partnership should open up a whole new world for users of fonts. It’s a great start for Apple’s iPad users!

SF Pro

The San Francisco Pro font family includes a text and display version. Both fonts are compatible with Apple devices. SF Pro’s flat sides and round sides make text easier to read on small screens. Apple has provided rounded and upright variants of the font for the watchOS. This font family is free for personal and commercial use. You can download the free version to use on your iPad. However, commercial licenses are available from the font author.

The San Francisco Pro family is a great choice for iPhone and iPad users. It has nine weights and a variety of styles. The SF Pro family includes SF Compact Display, SF Pro Rounded, SF Condensed Display, SAN Mono, and SF Compact Text. In addition to the SF Pro family, there are several offshoots. SF Cash, SF Shields, and SF Condensed Photos are based on the San Francisco Pro family and have similar tracking.

Using SF Symbols in your applications isn’t difficult. First, you must register with the Developer Program and install the font. Once you have a Developer Account, you can download the SF Symbols font for iPad. It’s recommended to use MacOS Catalina or later. However, you must comply with Apple’s terms and conditions. There are a few caveats. SF Symbols are system-provided images, which aren’t allowed to be used in logos or app icons.

Another SF Pro font you can use on your iPad is Compact. It’s the same font that Apple uses for watch apps, but it doesn’t have the same versatility. The reason for this is because compact is designed for watch apps, and iOS doesn’t support it. The font also has alternate versions. Its alternate versions are compatible with MacOS. You can also use SF Pro fonts on your iPad if you want to be unique.


If you want to install fonts on your iPad, you can use the iFont app. Simply type iFont into the App Store and you’ll find a page that looks like this. Then, tap the “Activate Now” or “Install” button to install fonts to your device. Once installed, you’ll need to allow the app to access the font settings. After you’ve done this, you can go to Settings > General> Fonts to choose the font you want.

After downloading the font, you’ll see a pull-down menu that lists all available character maps. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can also tap on the box to see the character maps. Once downloaded, you can use the fonts in compatible apps. Just make sure to install fonts that are free and compatible with your iPad. This will ensure that you’ll be able to use them without difficulty.

To install a font on your iPad, you’ll need to first download the iFont app from the App Store. This is free and will download the font for you. If you’re unsure of the fonts’ quality, you can check the font’s reviews online to make sure it’s up to par. You can also download it from the iFont website if you’d like.

Another way to install fonts on your iPad is by using the Adobe Creative Cloud. If you’re looking to download fonts for your iPad, this app is an excellent option. However, you’ll need to have an Adobe account to use this service. To download fonts, open the app with the font you want. Once you’ve downloaded the font, you can use it in any document created on your iPad.

How Do I Cancel an App Subscription?


In Apple’s App Store, how do I cancel an app subscription? You can find the Store in the Finder under “Applications” and select “View My Account” from the top menu bar. From there, select the “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Free Trial” buttons. If the subscription isn’t linked to your Apple account, you may need to send an email or call the developer directly.

How to turn off Automatic Renewal in Coach’s Eye app

If you’re having trouble with your subscription to the Coach’s Eye app, you may be wondering how to turn off automatic renewal in the app. If you have an annual subscription, you have 30 days to cancel it, but after that date you’ll be unable to get a refund. TechSmith reserves the right to deny any purchases, subscriptions, or renewals at any time.

To access the Amazon Appstore, first navigate to the Start menu. In Windows, click the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app. Then, sign in with your Amazon account. You’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information and the app will appear. Once you’ve signed in, click “All apps” and find the Coach’s Eye app. Click on the app icon to launch it.

How to check active app subscriptions

If you are wondering how to check active app subscriptions, Apple has made the process easier. You can do this by accessing your Apple ID, otherwise known as your App Store account, on your device. Here, you will be able to see all active subscriptions on your device, as well as those that have expired. Alternatively, you can click on the subscription button in the app store’s settings menu. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure to check the active subscription status to ensure that you are not wasting money.

Many users aren’t aware that deleting an app from their iPhone will not stop subscription payments, even if the user hasn’t actually deleted it. They need to cancel or pause subscription payments on their device in order to stop any further charges. This is easy and convenient, but it might leave you wondering how to find these subscriptions on your iPhone. In this article, we’ll go over how to check active app subscriptions and manage them.

Open the App Store application from your home screen and log in. The app icon is located at the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll be able to see active and expired subscriptions, as well as the ability to change subscription plans. Be sure to tap on the power button twice to confirm payment. Once you’ve checked the subscription status, you can cancel it. Make sure that you’ve logged into your Apple ID to make the cancellation.

If you’ve made changes to your payment method or other account information, it may be possible to pause your subscription. Until your payment method is fixed, you may have regained access to your content by repurchasing it during the hold period. During the hold period, you can also disable subscription pause by accessing your Google Play Console. If you’re unsure about which subscription is still active, you can check the remaining subscription state by checking the billing date of the last subscription period.

How to cancel a trial subscription

How to cancel a trial subscription for an Apple device app is easy once you’ve discovered that you don’t want to keep using it. If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not you want to pay for a subscription, follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription. These methods may differ slightly depending on your particular device, but you can cancel your subscription before it automatically renews. Apple devices are automatically billed through iTunes, while other devices use other methods.

The most common way to cancel an Apple iTunes subscription is to open the application, choose Settings, and tap Subscriptions. Once you’ve selected the subscription, you should see a pop-up letting you know when your trial subscription expires. Tap Cancel to confirm your cancellation. You can continue to use the subscription until the end of the current billing cycle. However, you should note that if you’re cancelling an app subscription through Apple iTunes, you’ll still have access to it until your current billing cycle.

Apple has a great interface for managing and checking your subscription status. Apple also offers many in-app subscriptions, including Apple Music+, Apple Arcade, and more. Once you’ve made the decision to cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer be charged until the next billing period. If you’re cancelling a trial subscription, however, you may lose access to the sub immediately, so you need to do so in advance.

On iPhone, you can cancel a trial subscription for an app through your Apple ID. You can also cancel memberships of online newspapers or streaming services through Apple ID. The cancellation process may vary slightly depending on the specific subscription you’ve chosen. To cancel an Apple ID subscription, sign in to your iTunes account and click the Cancel Subscription option. You’ll then be prompted to confirm your cancellation. Finally, you can change your billing address to prevent future charges.

How to delete a subscription

If you’re on an iOS device, you may be wondering how to delete an app subscription. You can’t do this directly from the iTunes Store. Instead, you need to find the Expired section in your Apple ID profile and delete the subscription. Once there, follow the steps in this article to delete an app subscription from your Apple account. This way, you can stop spending money on apps and keep your information safe.

In iOS, deleting an app doesn’t automatically delete an active subscription. You’ll need to manually check and cancel any active subscriptions. If you’re on an iPhone, you can delete an app subscription by opening the settings app, selecting your subscription name, and then tapping Cancel. You’ll need to do this for all subscriptions, not just the free ones. You can also delete a subscription from your iPad or iPhone by using the settings app.

You can also delete a subscription that’s active but not expired. This won’t affect the active subscription, but you’ll need to do this before the subscription expires. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money on a subscription that’s no longer useful. But you can always try to delete the subscription in the settings of the app if you’re having problems. If this doesn’t work, you can always restore the subscription in the settings.

If you want to delete an app subscription from an Apple Watch, all you need to do is log in to your Apple Watch. Open the App Store app from your watch’s home screen and tap on the subscription you wish to cancel. This will open a menu with a number of options. Once you’ve selected your subscription, you’ll need to tap the Cancel icon in the upper right corner. A confirmation window will appear to confirm your cancellation.

How to manage Apple subscriptions

In the App Store, users can manage subscriptions in several ways. Subscriptions can be renewed, upgraded, or cancelled. Apple users can also purchase Apple One, a monthly bundle of all of the company’s services. However, users can also cancel individual subscriptions by going to their Apple ID summary. For more information on managing subscriptions, see the following guide. If you are new to the Apple ecosystem, you can find this guide useful.

To cancel an existing subscription, open the iTunes & App Store application and sign in to your Apple ID. Under Subscriptions, click the Cancel Subscription button. After the cancellation has been processed, you can sign out from the subscription. You can also manage your subscriptions by clicking the Manage button next to them. Once you’ve done this, you can edit or delete the subscriptions. Similarly, you can also edit the subscriptions in your Apple ID by clicking the Edit option.

To manage your subscriptions, go to Settings > Account. You’ll need to sign in to your Apple ID to see the subscriptions list. Click on “Subscriptions” to see the available subscriptions. Click on the “Cancel” button to end your subscription. Remember, when you cancel a subscription, it will no longer auto-renew. You may also notice that the subscriptions you canceled won’t be searchable.

Cancelling a subscription is easy. If you are not satisfied with a service, simply cancel the subscription will end. Alternatively, you can opt for a different plan. To monitor your purchases, ask your family members to change or cancel their subscriptions. However, if you want to avoid recurring charges, you can sign in to your Apple ID using a different one. By following these steps, you’ll be able to manage your Apple subscriptions and cancel the subscriptions of everyone in your family.

Where Is Voicemail on iPhone?


If you have ever wondered where is voicemail on your iPhone, it’s easy to get lost in the vast array of messages. There are several different ways to access your voicemail, and a few of these methods are discussed below. However, if you’re like most iPhone users, you probably have no idea how to find and access your voicemail messages. Fortunately, most newer iPhones are equipped with a visual voicemail feature. This feature is also possible on iPhone 13 models, but it’s important to note that iOS 15 is required to use the visual voicemail feature. Alternatively, you can use voice memos or notes, as well as built-in Apple applications, such as Messages.

Messages you’ve listened to remain in your voicemail inbox

Messages you’ve listened to on your iPhone will remain in your voicemail inbox for three weeks. They will remain there until you delete them or listen to them again. During this time, you’ll have options for the caller, including their name and phone number. You can also reply to messages or delete them from the inbox. Once you’ve listened to them, you can delete them.

If you’ve listened to your messages, you can still view and delete them. You can also view the call details and record a custom greeting. You can even send messages to friends by email. Once you’ve read your voicemail, you can move on to other tasks. Messages you’ve listened to remain in your voicemail inbox on iPhone.

You’ve probably noticed that the number of messages in your voicemail box goes up. Sometimes this happens when your voicemail is overloaded. You might find that you’ve been deleting messages without realizing it. To prevent this issue from happening again, make sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS version. You can also download an app called Voicemail. It’s free and works with your iPhone.

You can also set up visual voicemail on your iPhone. This simple process will save you time in the future. All you need to do is install the Vxt Voicemail app on your phone and follow the directions on the app. You’ll also need to enter your voicemail password. If you have a voicemail account on your iPhone, you’ll need this app to enable visual voicemail on your phone.

If you still see messages you’ve listened to in your iPhone’s voicemail inbox, try updating the settings in your cellular provider’s settings. This should fix the problem. It’s also possible to perform an update on your device through the settings app. If you’ve already updated your carrier, you can do it from the Settings menu. Tap on “Update” and the voicemail will work again.

To resolve this issue, you’ll first need to change your phone’s voicemail password. Go to Settings> Phone>Change Voicemail Password. Enter the new password twice. If you don’t know it, contact your mobile carrier. You may also want to change the sound of your voicemail alarm in the Settings app. If you don’t want to hear the notification, you can simply press the back button to return to normal mode.

If you’ve saved messages in a folder, you can play them using the voicemail widget. The widget lets you view recent calls, missed calls, and saved voicemail messages. Simply click on the message to listen to it. When you’re finished, you can delete it from the inbox. Then, you’ll have access to the recorded version of the message.

On some iPhones, setting up your voicemail will be as simple as activating it through the Phone app. However, older models and different wireless service providers don’t allow the voicemail setting to be changed via the phone app. However, if your iPhone is running a new version of iOS, you may be able to set it up through the settings. In most cases, you’ll find a link to instructions for activating voicemail in the settings section of your iPhone’s system.

The messages you’ve listened to will still remain in your iPhone’s voicemail inbox. To access these messages, tap on the voicemail icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. You’ll see the message you’ve listened to. You can also choose to play the message on speakerphone or AirPods. Once you’re done listening to the message, you’ll be able to access other options in the message, like the call-back button or sharing option. You can also delete the message.

Messages you’ve listened to will still remain in your voicemail inbox on your iPhone even if you delete them from your inbox. You can check this by going to your phone’s settings menu. The Voicemail tab should have a badge with the number of the unheard message. Once you’ve read the message, you can play it again on your iPhone.

Messages you’ve deleted remain in your voicemail list

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why do deleted messages still appear in my voicemail list?” then you’re not alone. Many people are frustrated by this bug, which occurs when two places do not communicate properly. If you’re not sure if this is the case for you, read on to learn how to solve the problem. You may be able to delete voicemails in just a few easy steps.

Regardless of the age of the message, the “Deleted Messages” list is a convenient place to find these files. You can easily recover these messages and move them back to the voicemail list on your iPhone. To retrieve deleted voicemails, simply access the Voicemail app on your iPhone and select “Send” from the “Deleted Messages” menu.

If the problem persists, you may want to update your carrier settings. Once you’ve installed the update, you’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi to check for updates. When you see an update notification, select it and follow the prompts to complete the process. The update should solve the problem. If the issue persists, repeat the steps above. This will fix the problem permanently.

On iPhone, voicemails appear in a chronological order and you can view them by swiping left or right. You’ll also see the caller’s name, if you have their number in your Contacts list. You can also record a message or view the call’s details by pressing the “Skip” button next to the voicemail.

If you have accidentally deleted a voicemail on your iPhone, you may be able to recover it from an iCloud backup. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Next, go to iTunes and select “Restore from Backup”. Choose the latest backup to restore your deleted voicemail. It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID and password again. Once you’ve recovered your voicemail, you can listen to it through the Voicemail app or the Phone app.

Deleted voicemails are stored in a folder called “Deleted Messages”. This folder is similar to the recycle bin or trash on your computer. They are still there, but you’ll need to perform recovery as quickly as possible. Luckily, if you’re not able to access them, you can always recover deleted voicemails on iPhone by using a third-party recovery tool.

Another way to retrieve deleted voicemails is to create an iTunes backup. When you do this, you’ll be asked to wipe all existing data on your iPhone. Then, the software will restore the backup files. If you have any trouble restoring deleted voicemails, you can always repeat the process to get them back. If the auto-save feature does not work, you can still save the messages with a backup.

You can also manually undelete any text message that you’ve deleted by touching the trash can icon. In the process, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to undo the action. To confirm, tap on the “undelete” button. Then, you’ll be able to listen to the message. If the deleted message is a caller, you can choose to answer it. Alternatively, you can send the message to the person by clicking the “Call Back” button on the contact’s profile.

The iPhone has a program that lets you read and delete text messages. You can also read messages from anyone on the phone using the Messages app. In addition, you can even pre-address messages to a group if the contact has not yet removed the number. This feature allows you to review past conversations and resume them. When you receive a text message, you’ll notice a “blue dot” that indicates that you’ve received a new message.

iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review


If you want to buy a quality iPhone X tempered glass screen protector, you should read this article. You’ll learn about JETech, Cellhelmet, and Purity. These are the top brands for iPhone X tempered glass screen protectors, and I recommend them all! But which one is the best? Here are my personal favorites. Depending on your needs, you may find the perfect iPhone X tempered glass screen protector for your phone.

Cellhelmet Tempered Glass

The cellhelmet iPhone X Tempered Glass offers complete protection for your device, without compromising on the aesthetics. The glass features oleophobic technology, which is ultra strong yet thin and repels fingerprints. The protector comes with a cleaning cloth and lifetime warranty. Cellhelmet has a three-step application process that is easy to follow. Read on to find out why this screen protector is the best option for your iPhone.


The Syncwire for iPhone X tempered glass screen protector provides superior protection against the elements and your phone’s OLED display. This premium screen protector is 2.5D curved, and offers no interference with face ID. Additionally, it can be installed in the shortest time possible and is compatible with nearly all iPhone cases. The Syncwire comes with an installation frame, five dust-removal stickers, and 3 alcohol wipes for worry-free installation. The installation guide is extremely detailed and includes detailed instructions on how to install the screen protector.

This tempered glass screen protector is made of premium quality glass and is compatible with the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone X. It is cut to exact specifications for the 5.8 inch screen, resulting in perfect alignment as a screen protector. In addition to the premium design, this tempered glass also features a frame that allows users to adjust the brightness of the screen without any interference.


Among the many benefits of this screen protector is its ultra-thin 0.33mm thickness, which provides outstanding durability and touch sensitivity. In addition, this screen protector shields the camera from dust and dirt while still allowing full access to the home button and volume controls. The oleophobic treatment keeps fingerprints and smudges off of the glass, while the silky smooth finish makes it easy to clean.

Another advantage of using a tempered screen protector is its ease of installation. Unlike some other tempered screen protectors, the Purity iPhone X screen protectors are cut to fit the iPhone X perfectly. The application frame is included with every set, and the product offers you two additional tries for installation if necessary. The coating prevents finger oils from getting on the glass and ruining the mobile experience.

Naztech’s tempered glass is extremely tough and resistant to accidental drops and impacts. It is made of 9H tempered glass, which is extremely hard and thin. The tempered glass also prevents glare and ghosting from affecting the screen’s clarity. Additionally, it protects the device’s screen without compromising HD clarity and bare-screen touch sensitivity. And the best part is, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can buy with complete confidence.


JETech iPhone X tempered glass screen protectors have excellent transparency and sensitivity. Their oleophobic coating is made to be smooth and bubble-free, and they come with clear installation instructions. They are one of the most affordable options for protecting your phone. Read on to discover more about these products. A tempered glass screen protector is a must-have accessory for iPhone X owners.

The JETech iPhone X tempered glass screen protector is popular online. Made from 9H hardness, it is much more scratch-resistant than an ordinary household knife. It is also 0.33mm thick and transparent, allowing you to see through it without losing any clarity. The protective screen is also responsive and features rounded edges. Moreover, you’ll find a guide stick and a cleaning cloth to ease installation. JETech iPhone X tempered glass screen protectors come in packs of two and are priced at just $17.

Another high-quality tempered glass screen protector is the Beam Electronics Glass Screen Protector. This product is 100% touch accurate and compatible with 3D touch technology. It is also case-friendly and fingerprint-resistant. Installation is easy with a worry-free frame. It comes with anti-dust stickers and wet wipes to help you avoid dust and fingerprints. Its price is also reasonable compared to other tempered glass screen protectors.

How to Install iOS 13 on iPhone 6S Plus


If you have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, you can upgrade your device to version 13. Here are a few steps to follow. First, you’ll need to download the new software to your iPhone. If you’re using an Apple device, you’ll need to enter a passcode. Then, your device will reboot to begin updating. Once the update is complete, you can use your new iPhone to enjoy the latest features.

iPhone 6

There are two ways to update your iOS device: with iTunes and by hand. To update via iTunes, connect your device to the computer. On the computer, select the phone you want to update. Click the “Check for Update” button. Once the update is available, choose “Download and Update.” When prompted, enter your Apple ID (the email associated with the Apple ID on your phone) and password. If your phone is protected by two-factor authentication, you will be prompted to enter a security code.

First, make sure your iPhone 6 is compatible with iOS 13. If it is not, you should first check if your phone is equipped with the A13 Bionic chip. After checking, download the iOS 13 update from the App Store and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection, as it will be required for updating. If it is not, buy data from your mobile operator.

After you have downloaded iOS 13, make sure to back up your device before beginning the upgrade. Apple will provide you with a detailed guide that details the entire process. Be sure to read the FAQs as well. These will answer most of your questions about updating your device. While you’re at it, go ahead and install the latest iOS update for your iPhone 6. It’s free and easy! You won’t be disappointed!

Before you begin, make sure your iPhone has enough free storage space and Wi-Fi connection. If your phone is unable to connect to the Internet, you can check whether it has enough storage space or if it is running on a low battery. Make sure you’ve checked all of these before you begin the update. Then, launch iTunes and you should see the device management options. From here, you can see if iOS 13 is available for your device. If so, you can then click on the “Update” button and update the status. You can then restart your iPhone. If your iPhone is running on iOS 13, you should now be able to enjoy all the new features.

After installing iOS 13, you can now use Face ID. The new version of iOS promises to improve the device’s responsiveness, reduce app size, and make it faster. The update is known to have few bugs. However, you should be aware that you’re introducing new bugs by installing the update too early. Even if you’re on the beta program, installing iOS 13.1 on your iPhone early may introduce new bugs.

While iOS 13 is not currently compatible with the iPhone 6, there are still ways to update it. Firstly, check your iPhone’s hardware requirements to make sure it is up to date. You can also download a restore image of iOS 13 using iTunes or the Finder in macOS Mojave and older. You’ll need to have a backup of your previous operating system. And make sure your iPhone is fully compatible with iOS 14 before downloading and installing it.

iPhone 6S

The iOS 13 update will not work on your iPhone unless you have it plugged in. Apple will not release this update wirelessly until the 19th September at 6pm UK time. In the meantime, you can try to download the beta version of the new version. Be patient – new iOS versions take time to release. To install iOS 13 on your iPhone, go to Settings>General>Software update.

You can either use iTunes on your computer or update your device from the device itself. In order to update your device, connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. In iTunes, select your phone and click on Check for Update. Then, tap the Download and Update option. You’ll need to sign in to your Apple ID using your password and associated email. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you’ll need to enter a code to verify your identity.

To install iOS 13, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to your computer via Wi-Fi or use iTunes. In iTunes, select the IPSW file you downloaded earlier and confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions. Your iPhone will restart during the update, so be patient and let it complete. If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet, open iTunes and go to Device Management. Select the update, then check whether it’s available on your device and update its status. If it’s available, your iPhone is ready to upgrade to iOS 13. It should be easy and quick.

The update has some new features, including Dark Mode. To install iOS 13 on iPhone 6S, you’ll first need to download the software update for the device. Then, you’ll need to connect to WiFi again. After the update has finished downloading, open Settings on your device and wait for the update. If the update does not start automatically, you’ll need to refresh your network connection.

The iOS 14 update for iPhones is compatible with iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 models. However, if you’re running an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 7, you won’t be able to update to iOS 14. If you’re still using the iPhone 6, the update should be compatible. However, not all features of iOS 14 will work on your iPhone 6, including 3D Touch, so you should check your device’s battery life before installing iOS 14.

iOS 13.2 is the second major refinement for iOS 13, and came out a couple of days after the original release. As such, it should be safer and more reliable than iOS 13. The update is compatible with iPhone 6s and later models, including the 7th generation iPod touch. You can also download iOS 13.2 using iTunes on your PC or Finder on your Mac. Then, follow the instructions above and you’ll be ready to go.

iPhone 6S Plus

iOS 13 is available for your iPhone 6S Plus, but if you’re on an older model, you’re probably not able to download it yet. Apple plans to release the update on Thursday, September 19 at 6pm UK time. To install iOS 13, go to Settings and tap Software Update. Make sure you have sufficient free space on your device. If your phone is still running iOS 12, you can delete the update from your device by going to Settings, General, and Apps.

You can also install iOS 13 on iPhone 11 and iPhone 6S Plus. As for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus, this new version is compatible with many models, including the iPhone 6, 6S, and 6 Plus. If your iPhone supports iOS 13, it is definitely worth checking out. To download iOS 13 for your iPhone, follow these steps. Then, you’ll be ready to enjoy iOS 13’s latest features.

First, make sure that your phone supports iOS 13. If you’re using an iPhone 6, then it’s not compatible with iOS 13. Check your phone’s compatibility by going to Settings – General – About Version. Once you’ve confirmed that your phone can run iOS 13, go to the App Store and download the update. Follow the instructions on screen to finish the process. Afterwards, your iPhone 6S will power off.

As a bonus, iOS 13 brings system-wide Dark Mode, which isn’t available on Android phones. This option will give your phone a uniform black look across the entire operating system and all first-party applications. It can make your phone feel brand new. In addition to that, it will save battery life on your OLED phone – the screen uses light to display images. The redesigned Reminders app is one of the other new features that come with iOS 13.

While iOS 13 is now available for iPhone 6S Plus users, iOS 13 is still a beta version and will probably contain bugs. If you’re experiencing performance issues, restart your phone after installing iOS 13.

You can also refresh your iPhone 6S by switching it on Airplane mode. To do this, tap on the Control Center icon. After that, go to Settings and tap on Reset at the bottom of the menu. You might have to enter your Passcode to finish the process. After the update, your iPhone should reboot. If all goes well, you’re good to go! This guide will get you up and running in no time!

iPhone 7 Problems After Update


You may be experiencing various iPhone 7 problems after the latest update, such as no service, 3D Touch problems, or even battery life. Read on to learn how to solve these problems. We will also talk about the issues with Bluetooth connectivity and battery life. Read on to learn how to solve these problems and get your iPhone back to working condition. Hopefully, you’ll find this article helpful! But if you are still experiencing problems, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Issues with 3D Touch

If you’re having problems using 3D Touch on your iPhone after updating to the latest iOS software, you’re not alone. Most people have experienced problems with the feature at some point in their iPhone’s lifetime. While 3D Touch is one of the most sensitive features of the iPhone, it can also cause a number of problems. Some issues are entirely useless while others are just a matter of user error. If you’re facing any of these issues, here are a few solutions you can try.

First, make sure you have enough storage space for 3D Touch. Sometimes the sensitivity of the screen is too low or too high, and this can lead to 3D Touch problems. In such a case, you can adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor to improve its functioning. If this doesn’t help, you may also need to update your iOS. In some cases, a hard reboot will fix the 3D Touch issues on iPhone.

The touchscreen may be cracked or broken after updating to iOS 15; in this case, you can try to clean it with a lint-free cloth. You can also force restart your iPhone by holding down the circular Home button and the On/Off button for 10 seconds. Alternatively, you may need to contact Apple for help. The company is currently releasing a new version of iOS that addresses these issues.

Other issues with 3D Touch may be related to incompatibility between the software and the applications. If you’ve updated your iPhone since the update, try updating your apps. This will fix the issue. Lastly, you may want to force-reboot your iPhone. Force restarting your iPhone can fix many issues with 3D Touch. You might also try tweaking the pressure sensitivity to adjust the sensitivity of the screen.

Battery life

If you’re experiencing problems with battery life after updating your iPhone 7 to iOS 11.3 or later, you’re not alone. This update introduced new features for battery health and recommended replacement of aging batteries. The battery health indicator can be found in Settings > Battery. You may need to replace your battery if it’s below 50%. If you’ve spent more than 48 hours waiting for the update, you may be overdue for a replacement.

The most common way to fix this problem is to reset the device. By resetting the phone to factory settings, you can restore its battery life to its previous state. If your battery is draining quickly after the update, the issue is probably a hardware issue. However, if you’re experiencing issues after the reset, the problem may be software. To make sure that you’re not the only one experiencing the problem, follow these steps.

First, check the battery condition of your iPhone. If your phone’s battery is dropping too quickly, check the battery settings of each app. If the battery drains fast in some apps, uninstall them. You can also install pending updates for each app separately. Or, you can press the Update All button to update all apps at once. If this doesn’t work, try resetting the settings on your iPhone.

If you’re experiencing fast battery drain after an iOS update, don’t panic! Usually, the problem will resolve itself on its own within 48 hours. Before you panic, try using your phone as usual for a couple of days. After a few days, check the battery level again. If it still drains fast, you may need to re-download your iPhone. After the update, the battery meter will read the lower percentage.


After an iPhone 7 update, you might experience problems with your calling service. You may be seeing an error message stating “call failed.” This error can occur in either the older iPhone variant or the new iPhone. You can resolve this problem by calling your carrier and requesting that they repair the problem. Once the repair is completed, you can resume using your iPhone to make calls. However, if the problem persists, you may want to seek out other options, such as contacting Apple Support.

First, try to reset your network settings. The iPhone might have lost your Wi-Fi passwords and other settings when the update happened. Performing a reset of the network settings may fix the problem. However, be aware that resetting your network settings may take a long time, especially if your data is large. Also, check if your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode. If the problem still persists, you may need to use Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

If you can’t make a call after an iPhone 7 update, you can try resetting your network settings. It’s possible that your SIM card is damaged. To remove it, you can use a SIM ejector tool or paperclip to pop out the SIM card. Insert it back into your iPhone with caution. If the problem persists, you may want to update your iOS software. Often, updates include bug fixes.

If you still have problems making calls after the iPhone 7 update, there are several simple steps to take. The first step is to switch your iPhone to Airplane Mode. You should then swipe down the screen to access Control Center. From here, you can tap Control Center and tap the Outgoing tab. Once you’re there, press “Start Calling” to start the process again. And if that doesn’t help, try the solutions listed below.

Bluetooth connectivity

If you’ve recently upgraded to iOS 7, you may have begun to experience Bluetooth connectivity problems. Bluetooth is one of the most important components of cable-free devices, so any disruptions can make basic tasks frustrating. This article will go over how to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity problems. In the meantime, you can try some basic troubleshooting steps. First, you need to troubleshoot your iPhone. If possible, try restoring the device using iTunes.

Secondly, turn off and on your iPhone. This will reset the Bluetooth connection on the device. If it still isn’t working, you can retry pairing by tapping the ‘i’ icon in the right-hand row of the Bluetooth settings. If this does not work, you can also try unpairing the Bluetooth device and re-pair it with your iPhone. However, make sure to perform these steps before you re-pair your iPhone with your Bluetooth device.

If the above steps do not work, you can restore the device to factory settings by using a backup from your computer. You may need to enter the security lock password before you can use the restore option. Restoring the device to its previous state will not fix the Bluetooth connectivity problem. You can also try turning Bluetooth on and off to see if it works. This step may be a temporary fix if the problem is minor. However, this is only an effective solution if your Bluetooth connection has been ruined by the iOS 13 update.

If you can’t fix the problem yourself, you should consider contacting Apple customer service. Usually, they can solve the issue within minutes. Alternatively, you can bring your iPhone into an Apple store, where they will be able to diagnose and solve your Bluetooth connectivity problems. If all else fails, try resetting the network and trying again. If the Bluetooth connectivity problem is still persistent, it might be related to a hardware issue, such as a broken wire.


The iPhone processor keeps working even when the device is idle. As a result, the device can get very warm. The more you input commands, the more the processor gets worked up and overheats. Just like the CPU of a computer gets tired when playing games or watching videos for hours, your iPhone may also get very hot after a short period of time. Here are some ways to fix this problem and keep your iPhone cool.

One of the easiest ways to fix the problem is to perform a factory reset on your iPhone 7. This procedure does not affect your data, but it will remove any settings that you have customized and clear any glitches. Before attempting this, be sure to create an iCloud backup of your device. Once you’ve completed the factory reset, you can use your iPhone as normal again. However, you should make a backup of all your important data before trying this method.

Try to force-close any background apps. Sometimes, this method works well, but if you’ve installed a lot of third-party apps, force-closing these apps might not be enough. Another way to fix overheating iPhone 7 is to update your iOS software. A new iOS release contains a fix for this problem. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to do it now.

If your iPhone continues to get overheated after the iOS update, you may need to try resetting all settings. While resetting does not remove any personal information, it will erase all settings that are related to the phone. However, if the overheating problem persists, more advanced solutions may be required. If all else fails, you can also use the Instant iOS Fix software to fix the problem.

How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone


If you’re wondering how to record a phone call on an iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss three different methods to record a phone call. You can use a voice recorder, another iPhone, tablet, or computer to record the phone call. Make sure to record using speakerphone on the recording device, and save the recording after the call has ended. You can also use a Bluetooth voice recorder.


The iPhone is an excellent tool for recording phone calls, and TapeACall is an application that helps you do just that. The program works by transferring you to the Contacts page and allowing you to insert the contact number of the person you want to record. Once you have the contact, tap “Call” to make the call. TapeACall then places the call and records the conversation. It stops recording as soon as the call ends.

You can download the TapeACall Pro app from the App Store for free, and then purchase the paid version if you want more features. TapeACall Pro is a great choice for recording phone calls on iPhone, and is rated as the number one business app in 35 countries. It has a simple interface and lets you record a call while you’re on the phone. Once you’re done, you can save the recording in MP3 format and share it with anyone you want. If you’re unsure of the price or what features to get, TapeACall’s free version is sufficient. You can even upload your recordings to Dropbox or Evernote.

There are many other options for recording a phone call on iPhone. The most popular one is TapeACall Pro, which has a user base of four million people. The application lets you label recordings, convert calls to MP3 format, and receive push notifications. TapeACall Pro is simple to use, and you can start recording a phone call within minutes. It is also available for free, and you can record a phone call for 60 seconds. You can also purchase the Pro version for unlimited use.

Once you’ve recorded a phone call, TapeACall also allows you to listen to it later. TapeACall’s play button is a small icon on the main page. TapeACall will play your recording over the device’s speakers. If you’re curious, you can even share it with others through your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Then, you can enjoy your call and share it with friends and family.

Call Recorder Pro

How to record a phone call on iPhone? There are several ways you can do this. You can also record incoming and outgoing calls. The first way involves connecting to the recording number. Once you are connected, tap the Merge button to merge your existing call with the recorded one. This will merge both calls into one and begin recording. You can play back the recording or export it for transcription. There are many other options as well, such as renaming it or trimming it.

If you decide to purchase the premium version, you will get many useful features. You can share the recordings privately on the internet, download them to your computer or sync them with Google Drive. It is also possible to email recordings to yourself, so you can refer to them later. This app costs 10 cents per minute, depending on the length of the call. It comes with 30 cents of credit, so you won’t have to worry about wasting money.

The free version of Call Recorder allows you to record up to 60 seconds of phone calls for free. But you can spend up to $9.99 to get the pro version that doesn’t have time limitations. You can also share the recording through iMessage or email. The free version has a 60-second trial, but it is worth the money. You can record up to 300 minutes of phone calls with the pro version.

The next time you need to record a phone call on your iPhone, remember to ask permission before recording. You can also turn off Location-based naming in the Settings. This feature allows you to control the privacy of your recordings while allowing others to view them. If you are worried about privacy concerns, you can disable Location-based naming in Call Recorder Pro. But if you’re concerned about privacy, you should opt for the pro version instead.

Another way to record a phone call on iPhone is to use an app that allows you to use a recording line. The app records incoming and outgoing calls. Once you’ve recorded the call, you can easily share the recording with the recipient by email, social networks, or other cloud services. And remember to follow all recording laws in your area. It’s easy to do.

Google Voice

In order to record a phone call on an iPhone using Google Voice, you need to activate the recording function in the app. Open the Google Voice App and go to Settings. Next, tap the Calls tab and choose the Incoming call option. Once you enable the recording option, you will be able to listen to your call on your phone. You can also access your recordings by accessing the Voice app.

To record a phone call on iPhone, you need to be connected to the internet. This is possible thanks to Google Voice. After you’ve logged into your Google account, you’ll be able to find the recording on your phone. Afterwards, you can listen to the recording to review it later. You can also save the recording as an MP3 file if you want. Once you have completed recording the call, you can listen to it whenever you like.

In order to record a phone call on iPhone using this service, you must first claim your Google Voice number. After you’ve done this, you need to log in to your Google account and choose a city and area code. Once you’ve done this, install the Google Voice App on your iPhone. Then, whenever you receive a call from a number registered with Google Voice, you can press the “4” keypad to record the call. The recording will appear in your Google voice mail.

You can also record phone calls with Google Voice. It’s a free VoIP service that gives you a free phone number and voicemail inbox, so it’s the perfect solution for recording a phone call on your iPhone. As long as you can get another person to dial your Google Voice number and answer the call, it’s completely legal. Just remember to follow the laws regarding recording in your jurisdiction.

The most popular way to record a phone call on iPhone is to use a secondary recording device. This can be another iPhone, an iPad, a computer, or even a portable recording device. For those of you in the United States and Canada, you can record any call using Google Voice. The only drawback of using this service is that it only records incoming calls, not those initiated by you.

Bluetooth voice recorder

If you’re wondering how to record a phone call using Bluetooth voice recording, you’ve come to the right place. A Bluetooth voice recorder device connects wirelessly to your phone and records audio using the phone’s microphone or a wired Bluetooth headset. Alternatively, you can use a purpose-built app for your phone that can automatically transcribe calls into text. Listed below are some tips and tricks for using these devices.

First, make sure that your Bluetooth headset is in USB mode and that you have downloaded the EasyVoiceRecorder application onto your computer. Once installed, open the app and click on the’record voice’ button. You can then select the file type that you want to record, and hit record. After recording, you can save the file to your computer. Bluetooth voice recorders can store up to 4GB of audio, which is more than enough for most purposes.

Next, make sure that your phone has the same level of audio as your recorder. Some recorders come with individual switches that let you adjust the input level. Make sure to connect the phone to a quarter-inch connector so that it will be recognized. You can also choose to record the call in real-time. This will ensure that you have a high-quality recording. If you don’t have an audio connection, you should try using a headset with headphones.

There are some common problems with Bluetooth recording on Android 4.4 Kitkat and Android 5.0 Lollipop. First, the Bluetooth connection might cause your microphone to buzz when you record loud audio. Second, the sample rate of the audio may not be as high as CD quality. Third, some Bluetooth voice recorders do not support HD Voice. So make sure to check your service provider before purchasing a Bluetooth voice recorder.

How to Figure Out What iPhone Model You Have


Wondering what iPhone model you have? Thankfully, there are several ways to figure out your model. These include figuring out your Age and Region, or visiting Apple Support. Below, we’ll walk you through the process. But first, let’s take a closer look at what the Model number actually means. It will start with a letter A, followed by four numbers. If you’re still unsure, you can also check the screen.

Model number

How to figure out what iPhone model you have? It may be confusing to know what type of device you have if you don’t know its model number. Fortunately, there are ways to find out the exact model of your device. Here are some methods:

First, you should check your iPhone’s back for tiny text stating “Model AXXXX.” If you see the letter A, your model number is AXXXXX. If it doesn’t, use a torch or flashlight to read the small letters. Older iPhones will have the model number written on the back of the device. If it’s not etched on the back, you can find the number on the back using a magnifying glass.

The serial number can be helpful when determining warranty status, claiming AppleCare service, or troubleshooting. Apple has made serial numbers a feature in macOS, and this feature allows tech support to identify specific hardware problems and inventory. However, it’s not enough to check the model number. You’ll have to remove the case to find the number on the back of the iPhone. Otherwise, it’s impossible to tell.

Once you’ve located the serial number of your iPhone, you can check its model number. Most iPhone models will show a letter A followed by four numbers. You can also check the storage capacity of your phone by visiting settings in IOS. Keep in mind that the storage capacity listed is usually less than its actual capacity. For example, a 128GB iPhone will show 120 GB of storage space. Having this information is extremely important, especially when you’re planning to sell your iPhone.

Storage capacity

It is easy to see how much storage space you have available on your iPhone. There are a few different ways to determine this information. If you are using a major carrier, such as Verizon, you can check your device’s total storage capacity. Another way is to go to the original packaging or receipt for your device. If you do have a receipt, you can look under the General tab for the capacity of your iPhone.

You can also check this information from Settings by going to General and selecting the Storage tab. This screen will show you how much storage space is available to you. You can also see which applications are taking up the most storage space. Once you are aware of what apps are causing this, you can remove them or move them to a different storage location. If you want to free up space on your iPhone, you can uninstall some apps, too.

Most people don’t realize that their iPhone has a limited amount of storage space until it starts to slow down. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to find out how much space your iPhone has – and it doesn’t even involve turning the phone on! It will tell you exactly how much space you have left in the device without the hassle of opening iTunes. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to make the most of your iPhone.

The Other storage area of your iPhone is a big memory hog. If you’ve ever run out of storage, you know how frustrating it is to be stuck with a full device! If you’re having trouble using your phone, contact Asurion experts for help. They’re trained to help millions of customers resolve their device problems. If your phone is slow, you’ll find that it takes up a large portion of your phone’s memory.


You can find out the age of your iPhone by checking the serial number of the device. Your iPhone has a 12 character serial number containing the model number, the time, and place when it was made. If you’re unsure of how old your iPhone is, you can use the website SNDeepInfo to find out. The website will ask for the serial number and other information to help determine its age.

There are many reasons to find out the model number of your iPhone. You might need it if you’re selling your phone or buying one from someone. You may want to know the model in case your iPhone develops a battery drainage issue or you break the screen. You can also use it to order replacement parts. And since you can’t turn your iPhone on, it’s handy to know its model number.

You can also check the serial number of your iPhone. You’ll find the number stamped on the back of an iPhone. If you’ve recently purchased one, you can look it up by opening the box or checking the email receipt. Otherwise, if you’re trying to identify your iPhone, it’s best to check its physical characteristics with other iPhone models to ensure that you’ve got the right one. There are some iPhone models that are more difficult to tell apart than others.

If you’re unsure what iPhone you have, you can try to check the model name printed on it. Those with iOS 12.2 can find the Model Name by using this entry. If you don’t have a copy of the firmware, you can check the Model Number by checking the information displayed in Settings. It should be listed in capital letters, starting with “A”.


Knowing what model of iPhone you have is vital for warranty purposes. Here are some ways to identify your iPhone. The Model number is printed on the back cover of your device. This is the easiest way to identify your iPhone without turning it on. Model numbers are also important because they can help you determine what mobile carrier your iPhone supports. But what do you do if you’re unsure of which model you have? The following tips will help you figure out what iPhone you have and what it can do for you.

The Model Number is another easy way to determine what iPhone you have. The model number is on the back of your device, near the bottom. Although it is etched in small letters, this number is important for determining which model of iPhone you have. However, if your model number is missing, you should contact your carrier to upgrade your phone. If you have problems with the model number, you can visit the Apple support website and follow the instructions there.

Knowing your model will help you update the operating system to the latest version. It can also help you determine the size of storage space and age of your iPhone. If you want more space, you can try cleaning out your photo library and deleting duplicate photos. To free up more storage space, you can try a software called Gemini Photos. The program will help you find the duplicate pictures and remove them. You can also check out the compatibility of the new iOS by consulting Apple’s support website.

Identifying the model of your iPhone is simple and easy. Just look for a small piece of text on the back of your phone. It should say something like “Model AXXXXXXX” and match it to the list below. The model number is also visible through the iOS Settings app. If you have an iOS 12.2 or later, you can view the model name in the About menu. You can also check the model number on the body of your iPhone.

Screen size

How to figure out what iPhone you have is a common question, but the answer may not be immediately obvious. There are over a dozen different iPhone models, and it can be hard to tell which one you have. But don’t worry, because this article will give you a quick and easy way to find out. First, open the Settings app on your computer, and you should be able to find the model number. This can be particularly helpful if your screen is broken or your battery is draining rapidly. The model number is also useful for ordering replacement parts.

To tell what model of iPhone you have, you need to know its model. Knowing the model will help you decide whether it is compatible with the latest version of iOS. It will also help you determine whether your phone has enough storage for your photos. You can also free up space by cleaning out your photo library. A tool like Gemini Photos will make this process easy, as it removes duplicate photos from your iPhone. You can even find out whether your iPhone is compatible with the latest iOS versions.

After you have identified the model number, you can locate the serial number of your iPhone. You can also find the model number in the device’s support page. It will begin with A, and if your phone is iOS 12.2 or later, you can see the Model Name on the third line. The rest of the model numbers start with N or M, so you need to be aware of which ones match your iPhone.

The Best Protective iPhone 6s Case


In this article, you will learn about the top five protective iPhone 6s cases available in the market today. These cases are the OtterBox Defender, JETech Clear Back, Ringke Fusion Crystal View, and Moshi’s iGlaze Armour. Read on to find out which one fits your needs best! Here, you will also find out the pros and cons of each. After reading this article, you should be able to select the best protective iPhone 6s case for yourself.

OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox Defender iPhone 6s case offers triple-layer protection against impact and shock. The solid plastic shell and impact-absorbing outer layer, along with a built-in screen protector, will protect your iPhone from any potential harm. The case also has a holster for a customized fit. You can rest assured that your iPhone 6 will withstand impact and shock for a long time. If you’re considering purchasing a case for your iPhone, read on for more information on these features.

The Defender features a rotating clip-on holster to protect your phone. This clip allows you to use your iPhone’s control panel while it’s attached to the case. However, this feature has a drawback: it does not sit flush on your iPhone’s screen. Double reflections can also make it difficult to use the phone outdoors or in bright sunlight. The Defender iPhone 6s case is not for those who love to spend hours in the sun.

While searching for the right OtterBox iPhone 6s case, consider the cost. If you want to get the best price, look for a reputable online store. You can buy an otterbox iphone 6s case for a lot less than you might expect from other similar products. In addition, consider the value of the product you purchase. OtterBox iphone 6s cases offer the best protection against the risks of falling.

JETech Clear Back iPhone 6s Case

Designed for the iPhone 6, the JETech Clear Back iPhone 6s Case offers a transparent view while protecting it from scratches. The shock-absorption bumper makes it easy to grip the phone while also providing perfect cutouts for ports and controls. You’ll also have a seamless experience with the case, as the materials used to make it are made of soft TPU and tough Polycarbonate. The JETech Clear Back iPhone 6s Case has a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

In addition to its clear back, the i-Blason Dual Layer iPhone 6s Case provides dotted-pattern protection to your device. This rugged case is also affordable, but provides a high-standard of protection. The ruggedness of the outer shell gives the phone a sturdy and premium look. Meanwhile, the flexible, PU-coated Tetra Polyurethane inner layer keeps the phone in perfect condition.

The JETech Clear Back iPhone 6s Case protects your phone from scratches while also protecting the camera and touchscreen. It also provides a rubberized grip to keep your phone steady. While it’s one of the few clear cases on the market, it’s still durable and offers good protection from all sides. It’s available at Amazon for $8 and will ship in early October. There are also hundreds of new iPhone 6s cases at B&H Photo, Wal-Mart, and other online retailers.

Ringke Fusion Crystal View iPhone 6s Case

The Ringke Fusion Crystal View iPhone 6s Case is a durable and stylish clear case for the iPhone 6s. It features a TPU-made bumper and hard PC coating for an impressive level of protection. What’s more, it’s surprisingly affordable, making it a great choice for a new or existing iPhone owner. Here are some of the best features of this case. And don’t forget to take a look at the customer reviews, too.

Its slim and lightweight design makes it a great option for travel. The molded polycarbonate back and rubberized edge protection ensure that your phone will stay safe from abrasions and other damages. The transparent back also allows others to see the phone’s internals. The case also helps to improve the comfort of holding the phone, preventing any accidental drops. It also passed many fitness tests, including MIL STD 810G-516.6 certification. It was dropped 26 times from a height of two meters, and it was tested for wear resistance and a precise fit.

Another great feature of this case is its candy shell design, which protects against scratches and dust. In addition to the candy-shell-like design, it also offers military-grade protection and military-grade durability. The buttons on the case are responsive, making them perfect for touch-screen operation. The case also features an in-built screen protector. Ample pockets and features for cards, earphones, and other accessories make this an exceptional choice for iPhone 6s users.

Moshi’s iGlaze Armour

If you are concerned about the protection of your iPhone, you should consider purchasing Moshi’s iGlaze armor iPhone 6s case. The hardshell case is crafted from diamond-cut aluminum and has a shock-absorbing inner-shell. The raised bezel protects the display when the phone is laid flat. The buttons are fully-encased, as well.

The iGlaze Armour iPhone 6S case is crafted from a durable diamond-cut aluminum backplate with a metallic finish. The case also has a shock-absorbing inner shell, which adds protection from bumps and falls. A raised bezel protects the display from damage when the phone is laid flat, and the case fully encases the volume and power buttons. The case is slim enough to fit comfortably between your palms.

This case protects your iPhone’s display and provides excellent shock absorption. The case also protects your iPhone’s camera, with a customized flash cut-out. The backplate also features a raised bezel that protects the display when the phone is placed display-side down. Moshi’s iGlaze Armour iPhone 6s case

Speck’s Nothin’ to Hide

Speck’s Nothin’ to Hide iPhone 6s case is a clear variant of the company’s basic Gripmunk case. While it’s not the most protective case out there, this hard-plastic case provides excellent protection from drops and other damage. While it’s not bulletproof, it does pass military drop-test standards. In terms of price, it is more affordable than some specialty cases.

Before you purchase a speck nothin’ to hide iphone 6s case, you’ll want to be sure it fits your model of the iPhone. Getting the wrong size can render the product useless. Next, you’ll want to check if the color matches your style and preferences. Smart purchasers will check online stores to find out the color options available. Lastly, you’ll want to check out the product’s authenticity. It’s important to check customer reviews and other information to ensure that you’re buying a high-quality product that will last.

For a few dollars more, you can get a tough case from Otterbox. The Defender Series, while not waterproof, is an affordable case with a built-in screen protector. For $40, you can get a Candyshell case with a variety of colors, including white. The Speck CandyShell case is also available. Another option is the MySymmetry Series, which combines a case with a screen protector.

Speck’s Slim Armor

When shopping for a case for your iPhone 6, you will notice a few differences between Speck’s cases and others. For one, the Speck Presidio Exotech case is one of the slimmest cases on the market, and it features their trademark ridges on the back that provide no-slip grips. Compared to Speck’s other cases, this one adds 20% less bulk. This case is perfect for those looking for an ultra-thin iPhone 6s case, and it comes with a clear option for those who want their phone to be completely transparent.

For more protection, consider the Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6s case. This case is not waterproof but it does offer two layers of protection. The Speck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s case also has a completely transparent look, displaying the rose gold color of the iPhone 6s. The CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s case is also available in pink, blue, black, and white colors.

While the Speck CandyShell is a stylish option for protecting your phone, it’s not the best for a drop-test. The case’s glossy finish shows signs of wear and tear easily, making it look a bit like a second-hand case after only a few months. Its glossy surface also seems to be a repository for dirt and oils. The Speck Slim Armor iPhone 6s case is not waterproof, but it does offer good shock and drop-protection. It is available for purchase on Amazon in the US and select European countries.

Speck’s Commuter

Speck’s Commuter iphone 5s and 6s cases both come with the same cutout dimensions, making them compatible with a wide range of accessories. While they aren’t compatible with every Lightning connector accessory, they do allow some. For example, the case’s openings will accommodate most third-party Lightning connector headphones and speakerphones. This is a significant plus as it will help protect your phone from scratches and other damage.

The Speck Commuter iPhone 6s case has a slim design and is made with military-grade materials. Its two-layer protection features military-grade protection with military-grade durability. It’s certified to meet MIL-STD-810G drop-test standards, but the slim design means it won’t interfere with your device’s functionality. The raised bezel protects the screen from dust, while rubberized covers protect buttons.

The CandyShell series is another popular choice. This case protects the entire front of the device without affecting access to the screen. It also includes a bezel around the camera and Touch ID sensor, allowing you to use a third-party screen protector. Moreover, the protective bezel doesn’t interfere with the rear-facing camera, LED flash, and microphone. It also features a textured interior that’s easy to wipe clean.