What Font Does Discord Use?

Discord is one of the best free game apps you can find, and you may be wondering what font it uses. There are several options that you can choose from, including Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough. So which is right for you?

Default font

Discord, a popular chat client, is built on a number of subparts. Its font plays a significant role in its overall design. However, there is a limit to its customization capabilities.

Fortunately, a few third-party apps offer a simple way to customize the fonts used in the chat client. If you don’t know javascript, though, you’ll need to stick with the defaults.

The default font used by Discord is Uni Sans. This font, which comes in a variety of weights and styles, is easy to read and versatile. Among the features that make this a great choice for Discord are its performance and legibility.

There are other fonts used by the platform, too. Some of these include Accord, Flexo, and Solomon. These are the typefaces that Discord uses to add flair to its user experience.

The Discord logo was made using a Uni Sans Heavy font. You can see a full video tutorial to create your own custom text.

Discord also uses a code block font called Consolas. In addition, it also supports the Markdown syntax, a simple language that allows you to format messages and texts in a concise, elegant manner. Ultimately, the best way to customize your Discord experience is to let the program know about your preference.

Another feature that is fun to try out is the font size. If you are not happy with the standard font, you can adjust the size by scaling your text in your Discord settings. While it won’t resolve your immediate problems, it will make the entire experience more pleasant.

A final word of caution: the most effective way to change your font on Discord is to let the company know. They will be more than happy to help.


Discord uses an underline font when sending text messages. This makes the message easier to read and draws attention to the main point of the conversation. You can use Discord to underline your text, bold it, and italicize it.

To underline your message, you can type Ctrl+D. Then, select the text to underline and click on the underline button. Choose the style you want to use from the drop-down menu.

To bold your text, you can type two underscores before the word you want to bold and two asterisks at the end of the word. If you need to underline more than one word, you can do it with a double underscore. However, you may have a hard time trying to underline more than two words.

Italicizing your message will make it stand out from other text. There are two ways to do it: using a single asterisk or a single underscore.

Discord also has a feature to bold or underline the name of your channel. When you send the message, it will appear as an underlined block of black text. Then, you can click on the black block and it will show you the text below.

You can also change the color of your Discord text. If you want to change the text’s color, you can add a css keyword.

You can also highlight your text. Discord will display the bold or underlined text as a cross or monospaced typeface. This gives the text a typewriter font appearance.

You can add as many formatting styles as you like. Just remember to mirror the markup symbols. All these formatting styles can be used together or separately.


Discord is an online chat platform that offers a variety of advanced communication tools for users. Among these features is the ability to format messages. Text formatting is a feature that allows users to make text stand out. This guide shows how to use bold formatting to enhance the look of text in Discord.

The first step to bolding text in Discord is to create a custom status. By doing so, users can share the message with other Discord users. There are also other text formatting techniques that you can use.

Another example of a Discord feature that you can use to format your messages is the bold and italic formatting options. These features allow you to highlight specific words and phrases, as well as add other colors to your text.

When formatting a message, you can also use code blocks. Code blocks are one of the more advanced formatting techniques on Discord. They involve pasting codes into a channel name or into a specific part of a message. You can then style the text with Unicode characters or other symbols.

For an easy way to format text on Discord, you can utilize markdown. This lightweight language uses simple symbols to format your text. It is commonly used to format forum text discussions. Markdown is easy to read and uses simple symbols to help you communicate effectively.

If you are looking for a more complex solution, you can also use a third-party tool to generate bold and italic formats for your Discord messages. A website generator such as LingoJam Bold Text Generator can help you out.

Although it can be difficult to find an easy way to bold text in Discord, users have found a few methods to get the job done. Using asterisks is an easy method to add this bold and italic format.


An italic font is a type of font that is slanting. It is used for a variety of reasons. Often, it’s used to add an emotional component to a text. Using italics can help add to the coherence of your message.

There are several ways to create italic text in Discord. Basically, it’s similar to using bold formatting in HTML. In order to create italic text in Discord, you’ll need to add three asterisks (asterisks are a star on the standard English keyboard layout). The asterisks are placed in a line with the text.

Adding italics to Discord can be a fun way to make your messages more attractive. However, you don’t have to use italics for every message. You can also create underlined text and strikethrough text. By mixing these formatting techniques, you can create a unique font.

Underlining is a formatting technique that most people use on Discord. It’s similar to the strong> tag in HTML. To use underlining, you’ll need two underscores in front of the text. Then, you’ll need to add a tilde before and after the text.

You can also create italic text by using a font that supports the italic text format. A good example is the Uni Sans Heavy font. This is the most basic Discord font, but it comes in a variety of weights. If you want to create a unique italic font, consider using the LINGOJAM italic text generator.

You can also create bold text in Discord. For this, you’ll need to add a double asterisk before and after your message. Another option is to add a hyphen in front of the text. Finally, you’ll need to put square brackets around the text.


Discord, a voice and video chat app, has a number of text formatting options. They include the use of bold, italics, and even strikethrough. Whether you are using the browser or the desktop version, you can customize your messages to suit your personal tastes. You can also create bots, add members, and add your own servers. Using these tools, you can build your own community with people who share your interests.

Text formatting on Discord includes four different styles: Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough. Each of these uses a specific language to format the text. The best part is, they can be used together or separately.

The first and most obvious method involves typing two tildes () at the beginning and end of your message. This will highlight the text and strikethrough it, as seen in the image below. Another technique combines the strikethrough with the tilde’s cousin, the asterisk.

One more, and lesser known, method involves using the built in menu to strikethrough text. For this, you can type the ” tilde character, to the left of the ‘1’ key on most keyboards. Alternatively, you can use the Shift and keys method to insert a tilde sign.

Finally, the markup ode to text formatting on Discord is the Markdown. If you’re not familiar with this markup, it’s a lightweight markup language that allows you to add various fonts and text effects to your messages.

The markdown on Discord is a simple and elegant way to get your words to stand out. Combined with other text formatting options, such as bold and italics, you can create messages that will be remembered long after they’re sent.

A word of caution: If you try to delete a message using the Discord mobile app, you might find it harder than you think. In order to avoid deleting a message that you didn’t intend to, make sure you use the Strikethrough option before you hit send.


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